A Harsh Gospel?

There is a troubling trend found more and more within the ranks of Christendom, particularly within the American version. I already know that there are those on both sides of these issues that will disagree with me, some may even do some vehemently. This post is not really an attempt to change everybody’s mind but written with the prayer that the rhetoric will be toned down and that more will realize that while true biblical doctrine divides, principles and practices should not.

There is a huge difference between the ministry of the Old Testament prophets and the work of the early New Testament Church. First and foremost, there should be a clear understanding that the Old Testament national Israel was not, is not, and never will be the same as the New Testament Church. They are two distinct entities and each of them have a special part in the sovereign purposes of God, but they are not the same.

Second, the Old Testament prophets were with very few exceptions sent to proclaim a specific message of judgment to the tribes of Israel. Those messages of judgment were not given to the New Testament Church. So, whether we are looking at Elijah, or Jonah, or Zephaniah, we must be careful that we look at each prophet in the context of their message and the people to who they were called.


Strangely, when we arrive at the New Testament era, we find a unique message and ministry started by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. While He called out the religious rabble with firm words and righteous anger, His approach to unbelievers brought a message of hope, faith, and love.  The hope was found in following the truth that Jesus Christ is God. The faith was that which the Holy Spirit gave ears to hear and that faith was subsequently placed solely on Jesus Christ for salvation. The love was shown ultimately in the way that Christ died on the Cross because God so loved the world. Yes, the sacrifice was given to appease the wrath of God the Father, but there was still love from Christ towards mankind. Even in one of His final sayings on the Cross, we hear Him saying, “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.”

Zacchaeus found himself in a tree straining to hear Jesus Christ. He was approached by the Messiah with a message of hope that saw the salvation of a hated tax collector.

On several occasions, even the Gentiles came to hear Jesus Christ. Some of them believed the words and placed their faith in the Messiah for their salvation.

While on a walk through the country of the hated Samaritans, Jesus Christ sat beside a well waiting for a woman to approach. In the conversation, there was conviction of sin, hope of being able to worship something that she did not presently have, and ultimately faith was placed in the Savior. This woman then left her pots and went to the city to share the truth that there was a Messiah who could save them.

We could give many more examples, but I use these few to point out a vast difference between the love, gentleness, and compassion found in the New Testament with what I am seeing transpire today.

This post is not written with the intention of trying to stop any ministries from taking place. If you are under the authority of a local church and believe that God has placed a particular burden on your heart, then by all means, fulfill that to the best of your ability. Being part of the local church should help each person to be accountable to the means whereby God has given gifts. Today, there are far too many Lone Rangers who refuse accountability. Their best answer to troubles or questions about their style is normally best answered by simply unfriending the offending individual on Facebook or writing comments in a vitriolic manner all the while spinning strawmen to cover their lack of Biblical principles and Scriptures in defense of what they are doing.

So, what am I referring to? Let me give a few examples.

First, I firmly believe that the Great Commission is the responsibility of every blood-bought child of God to share with others the wonder of who Jesus Christ is and the message of hope that brings no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. However, I do NOT believe that each person is given the same task of how they go about doing that. Some may knock on doors, while others will pass out tracts at every opportunity they are given. Still others will stand on street corners and proclaim the wonders of the Savior.

None of these are wrong in and of themselves, but it is wrong for me or anybody else to declare that EVERY believer must do it JUST like me. There is NOT one example of the entire early New Testament Church all striving to exhibit their gifts in identical fashion on a Tuesday afternoon in the cities of Ephesus, Rome, or in the churches of Asia Minor. Paul makes it clear that we all have gifts differing one from another.

Second, in our messages, we are not the ones who are called to produce the judgment of God upon sinful creatures. We must be mindful that if it were not for the grace of God that we would each still be trapped in our sins. Ultimately, the only judgment that can be handed out will be from God. However, this does NOT mean we are to refrain from pointing out the COMING judgment to a lost and dying world.

Third, we are in error if we forget that the world is going to act exactly what it is – LOST. This means they will be willing to do, to live, to act, and to speak in every way that alienates them further from a holy and righteous God. Lost people do NOT act like believers. Lost people do NOT believe like Christians. Lost people do NOT care about God. Lost people do NOT care about the law of Jesus Christ.

Fourth, we must remember that our message must be one of compassion. I have seen many ministries through my own years of ministry that have stood on corners, pounded on doors, and screamed at places like abortion clinics for the wickedness that is found within. Sadly, all the yelling and lack of love will only make us look like nutjobs from Westboro Baptist Church holding their picket signs. The world mixes us together when our lives and our words do NOT reflect Jesus Christ.


The unregenerate person will NEVER like the message we proclaim, but it should be the message they hate and hear that brings them to conviction through the work of the Holy Spirit.

Now with these few thoughts in mind, let me be a little more pointed.

Jesus Christ did NOT stand at the bottom of the tree and scream at Zacchaeus, “You filthy tax collector! You collaborator with those nasty Romans!”

Jesus Christ did NOT sit at the well in Samaria and scream names and nastiness at the woman who came for water and left with living water. He never yelled, “Hey, you adulterer, you two-bit low life!”

Jesus Christ did NOT hang on the Cross and belittle either of the two thieves and murderers who hung on either side of Him with words like, “You two thieves are just the scum of the earth! You deserve to hang there and pay the penalty for your crimes.”

The apostle Paul did not launch a campaign to go and picket Mars Hill. He was invited by divine appointment to stand and share the truth of the gospel. When he was done, some wanted to hear him further, while others left mocking the message. Not once do we find Paul blogging on the Jerusalem net about all the ones who rejected the call to salvation. Paul did not picket the coliseum in any city, and neither are we given any record of anybody else in the early Church doing that. Paul did not offer to take Onesimus back to Colosse and stand on the street corner outside of Philemon’s house railing about the evils of slavery and how Philemon MUST repent or they would never be able to fellowship together.

No, no, and a further resounding NO!

As believers, we are called to share the message of salvation. We are called to love the Lord Jesus with all of our heart, soul, and mind. Further, we are then called to love our neighbor AS OURSELVES. There is no third law to love ourselves. We do a great job of doing that already because of our sinful nature.

However, the message we share must be given with love and compassion. If the best we can do is shout and call names at those who pass us by, we will never accomplish what we have been called to do. We are NOT Lone Rangers, but we are Ambassadors of the Most High. Therefore, we MUST conduct our business for the Master in a way that reflects such love and grace as has been shown to us.

In conclusion, I do not wish for anybody to misunderstand my words today. I am NOT calling on anybody to stop standing outside of abortion clinics. I am NOT calling on street preachers to desist. I am NOT calling on individuals to stop passing out gospel tracts. I am NOT calling on anybody to stop warning about the judgment to come.

What I am calling for is more grace, love, and compassion in the way we minister. You will never be able to witness to the Mormon or the JW or the liar or the adulterer or the woman who had her baby murdered or the drug addict or the drunkard or anybody else when you are not willing to love them for who they are right now. It is not up to us to change them in order for them to become a new believer in Christ. That job belongs to God ALONE.

PS — Remember that we each will give account to God for what we do for Him, not to each other, and certainly not to the faceless comments on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media. We can each fulfill our ministry by being the part of the body He has called us to be, but that does NOT mean we cannot still fellowship with others who are a different part and who have a different role.

1 Corinthians 13:13, “So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”


15 thoughts on “A Harsh Gospel?

  1. This was excellent! Do you mind if I repost it? This is just about the most balanced view of this issue that I have seen. I personally believe in being as open and up front as needed, but at the same time I have been concerned about the lack of compassion I see sometimes as we preach the Gospel. Thank you so much


  2. “None of these are wrong in and of themselves, but it is wrong for me or anybody else to declare that EVERY believer must do it JUST like me. ”

    That is so true brother. When I was younger and preaching on the streets of Detroit to addicts, homeless, and gang members I thought there was something wrong with Christians that weren’t out doing this work. I know a brother who preaches in prisons and wondered why all Christians weren’t taking part in prison ministry. I know of a couple who adopt children from poor nations and thinks all Christians should be doing that.

    Why isn’t everyone out street preaching Lord…. because I sent YOU out to street preach, NOT them. Why isn’t everyone doing jail ministry, adopting poor kids, etc… same answer.

    in Christ -Jim

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  3. Most excellent counsel, my brother. This past year in the land of libertine free-will theology I have learned to be more accepting of those misguided souls while being hated simply for being known as one who holds to the doctrines of grace known as Calvinism.

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  4. I love our heavenly Father for so many reasons, and one of them is we all have different finger prints. Paul said follow me as I follow Christ and the only way to do that is to know the one we follow and He will put us exactly where He wants us and use us exactly for His purpose. You said everything so well and I plan to share this with my best friend who has always been my best friend even though there was a twenty year difference in when we were born of God. Jesus said, i know My sheep and My sheep hear My voice.


  5. The article is out of balance because while Christ did not issue sharp rebukes in every case because not every case called for it, He did do so in many instances. Matthew 11 stands in stark contrast to this article. Jesus also instructed His disciples to shake the dust off their feet if people didn’t listen THE FIRST TIME around. I have never seen a squishy gospel advocate ever engage in THAT behavior. Balance is needed in this article. The article ignores judgment and law without which, there is no gospel.


  6. Ed, thank you for your comments. I would disagree with your statements on Matthew 11 for these reasons. 1) The rebukes were from Christ who alone can judge. 2) There were no derogatory slurs used EVER by Christ. 3) The cities were called down, not individuals. 4) The article was primarily about our attitudes. 5) We can still shake the dust off of our feet without being hateful, derogatory, or nasty towards those we are called to love. 6) The bottom line of that passage is the heart-felt appeal from Christ to all those weary and heavy-hearted to come to Him for rest. 7) We do not here at DefCon ignore the judgment of God or the law of Christ.


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  8. If you gave me the choice of passion or compassion – I’d choose compassion everytime! We start knowing we are wretched, dirty, full of scabs and sores, full of rotten-ness! It’s only because of the mercy of the Lord Jesus that we can reach out to anyone. But our motivation should be compassion. Thank you.😊


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  10. adiaphora…..in the nonessentials liberty and in all things love. I do not question the article. I do find some exceptions that are just that, exceptions. According to Jesus no one born of a woman was greater than John the Baptist, not even Mary his mother. Yet John stood on the corner and yelled at king Herod. When questioned by the Pharisees John was not the least bit gracious. Paul could be very blunt and in your face. Was Peter being gentle when he preached….this Jesus whom YOU crucified….ouch.
    What does it mean to be a lone ranger today? Is it the one who becomes a registered member? Who pledges to submit to the elders yet ups and leaves for petty reasons. Is it the one sees formal membership as being a modern man made contrivance yet remains and submits. What is gracious about treating faithful non- formal members differently than formal members? Are the elders being led by the Holy Spirit or by their bylaws? Where is the adia ophra in that? Are not the elders insisting that everyone must do their thing their way or else?


  11. T.I., thanks again for stopping by and commenting. I would like to address your comments for they are good ones and I appreciate your thoughts. The issue in my article addressed several levels. First, the Old Testament prophets (which would include John the Baptist as the last) were for a specific reason and operated under a different law than the law of Christ for we who are true believers in the covenant age of grace. Paul was blunt but again it was to the religious establishment that he addresses his toughest words. As for Peter, I agree that his words of Christ being crucified were not easy to take, but I believe that Peter was gracious in the way he shared especially having just recently been forgiven for denying the Lord himself.

    As for the lone ranger comments – I do not believe in a “registered membership.” Modern-day membership is definitely a man-made contrivance and I do not find any Scripture to support such notions. However, I do believe that the giftings of the Spirit were given to be used in a local church or gathering type situation. No person should remain outside the accountability, nor do I believe has any Biblical principles to justify such an action, of a local body of believers. You are correct that there is nothing gracious about treating non-formal members different than formal members, but then again my previous comments address that problem. Maybe I will write another article on my thoughts over these issues soon. From a biblical perspective, I believe that elders insisting for the sake of by-laws, traditions, or anything other than Biblical principles is not the way a true biblical elder should be acting. That is not being a good example of a 1 Peter 5 elder.


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