Why You MUST Leave the Roman Catholic Church

I ran across this article a few days ago and think it sums up very concisely several arguments as pope_benedict_to why a child of God cannot peacefully remain in the Roman Catholic Church. It is simply not a Christian religion.

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While I’ve been overwhelmed with the positive response about last week’s article, “Why Evangelicals and Roman Catholics Cannot Be Together,” some seem to not quite grasp the reason for it. After all, they say that they have neighbors or family members who really love Jesus, who attend a Roman Catholic Church. While I have spoken to many Catholics and have yet to meet one who can explain the Gospel, I am sure that at least in America there has to be some believers who Sunday after Sunday are attending RCC’s. If you are one of these people, here are four reasons you need to leave today. Or if you know someone whom you believe to be born again, here are four reasons you need to encourage them to leave.

You are severed from the Church body

The weekly Church gathering is not about evangelism. It’s about worship, fellowship and equipping (Eph 4:11-15). We love for unbelievers to come to Church and see the radical difference between how Christians love one another and how the world loves one another. We love for unbelievers to come to our services and be exposed to the preaching of the Word. But ultimately the Church is literally made up only of the saints. It is foolish to go to a place on Sunday morning, instead of Church, for the purpose of “evangelism”. Sundays are not for evangelism. Let me clarify because many Sundays I do evangelize someone, but ultimately the gathering of the believers has been instituted by Christ for mutual encouragement and serving each other, not to evangelize each other. If you go to a “church” where the majority of the people around you are unsaved then you are disobeying Hebrews 10:24-25. If you are a believer attending a RCC, then Christ wants you to leave and join a church where HE is the head. You have gifts the Holy Spirit has given to you that you need to be using to serve your fellow Christians. The one-another’s are for believers not unbelievers.

You are missing out on expository preaching 

I contend that the main avenue Christ uses to sanctify his bride as a whole is through the weekly exposition of the Scripture. God has gifted certain men with the ability and time to study His Word in depth, and has blessed the Church with the Sunday morning gathering of the saints. It is crucial that we are part of a church that preaches through the Bible. It is imperative that we sit under solid teaching. I have never met a priest who preaches through the Bible verse by verse. Paul’s charge to Timothy was to preach the word (2 Tim 4:2) and to rightly handle the word of truth (2 Tim 2:15). This simply does not happen in the RCC and any believer who subjects himself to false teaching will be affected by it more than they can affect those around them.

You can’t reform an apostate religion

I sometimes hear that there are genuine believers attending RCC’s, and they are there for the purpose of being a light in a dark place. They agree that Catholicism is a dead religion without the true Gospel, but that they are so concerned for their friends and families that they choose to stay and reform from the inside. I understand this attitude and I truly appreciate the intent and the desire to reach people for Christ, but we have a misunderstanding of what the Church is meant to be when we do this. We also have a inflated view of our ability to do what the apostle Peter and James couldn’t do with Judaism, though it seemed that they tried, and what Luther and Calvin couldn’t do in the Roman Catholic Church and ultimately had to branch off and start new churches.

You are blaspheming God

I pray that this statement will come across with love and with a concerned heart attitude. But if you are attending a mass then you are blaspheming God. As we saw in last week’s post, each time you eat the bread and drink the wine you are saying that Christ’s sacrifice on the cross two-thousand years ago was not sufficient and that Christ must continue to die each and every week. While you may be taking it as a symbol and in thankfulness to your Savior, the RCC is saying that Jesus is still on the cross and must continue dying for last week’s sins. Jesus is not still on the cross. His death was effectual in what was intended. He died Once and for all for sin (I beg you to read carefully Hebrews 10:10-18), and shouted “It Is Finished!” He does not need to continue dying, and the blood he shed that day was sufficient to cover all our sin, past, present and future. When we partake in the RCC communion we are blaspheming Christ by telling Him that His death and resurrection was unsuccessful.

So many people are bothered with posts like these. They feel like it’s unloving and unaccepting to tell someone they are wrong or doing the wrong thing. I beg you to reconsider. I believe it’s unloving to allow your friends and neighbors to continue going to a “church” Sunday after Sunday after Sunday, that is not going to provide for them spiritually and where they will be forced to insult Jesus.

If you wish to learn more about evangelizing Catholics consider these tools.

18 thoughts on “Why You MUST Leave the Roman Catholic Church

  1. You religious bigots know absolutely nothing about the Roman Catholic Church. First of all, it
    was the first church of Christ. Secondly, your protestant faiths are largely based on a heresy committed by John Calvin. He was just a disgruntled priest in the Catholic Church who concocted a ruse in the form of predestination that is nothing more than a lie. Look at what your protestant churches are doing today. You have these megachurches led by charlatans who simply want to make millions of dollars and live in huge mansions and fly multi-million dollar airplanes. They know nothing about Christ. They don’t even follow his teachings. They believe in “seed faith” which is only a way for them to rip off poor people. You all can expect to burn in hell.


  2. stephen beaty – Since all men sin and the Bible tells us there will be false teachers amongst us, it does not surprise me that such as Rick Warren, Benny Hinn, et al. claim to be Christians in the non Roman Catholic (Protestant) vein. But do not overlook this – the Roman Catholic cult has some of the biggest, most expensive religious buildings ever built and has extorted money and blood and life from the poorest people and those who refuse to bow the knee to Peter’s chair.

    If we judge truth by what sinful men do, we will always find something to bolster our position. If we use the Word of God to determine Truth, we stand on the Rock of our salvation and have a refuge in the Lamb of God Who will protect His sheep.

    Rome has a false gospel, a false Christ, and is a false religion that is based off the traditions or men and not according to the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.

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  3. Thanks for your comment, Finnegan. You are right on target. I’ve been called a heretic by the church we joined last year because I do not agree that YHWH has given all people the grace to believe and exercise that faith by asking Jesus into their hearts. This region is run a muck with a god made in the image of man. We must stand on and under the Word of God and fear not those creatures who would rather stand on the sand of the words and traditions of men.

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  4. dear stephen beaty, I agree with your criticism of false teachers who pretend to be Bible Christians but are only after money and fame. They are wolves the Lord warned us about. Please take your eyes off of any of the churches and go to the Lord Jesus Christ directly and read His Word the Bible. You will find your answers there. may the Lord give you wisdom. Jesus is the only Mediator between God and man, and died ONCE for all to bring us to God.
    (I am a former Catholic who loves Catholics, my family is Catholic, so if you go to my blog you will see that I must talk about ALL of the difficult things.)

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  5. Dear Stephen Beaty;

    I too was raised Catholic so perhaps you would like to show me where I went wrong? But first we must agree to have a common plumb line, so I suggest we use Catholic Bibles. Now I promise not to quote Theologian’s, either living or dead, and would ask you to do the same. Thus we would be reduced to you, me, and the Catholic Bible. We could start our dialogue here, but if that isn’t desirable, we could exchange email addresses through the moderators here at Def Con as we give them to the site in order to post comments anyways.
    So, are you agreeable to this arrangement? If so, then let us reason together, shall we?


    Mickey Merrie

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  6. Mickey,

    You want to start the dialogue by first assuming the correctness of your first error – namely: sola scriptura. Which can’t be found anywhere in the bible. Your foundation crumbles under its own weight.

    Here is where you went wrong: you assume Christianity is following a book. But Jesus didn’t write a book – he founded a Church and gave it authority. The Bible is not the Body of Christ – the Church is the Body of Christ. The Church wrote and assembled the Bible. All bibles are Catholic bibles assuming nothing has been added or removed. If you read the Bible without the guidance of the Church, you run the risk of going astray.

    Your plumb line needs to be the Church founded by Jesus Christ and sustained by the Holy Spirit until the current day. You’ll probably claim that the early Church is not the Catholic Church. If so, I invite you to list the names of the various true Christians or communities throughout the centuries who connect the early Church with your current community of believers.

    For my evidence, I don’t need a Catholic-friendly source – any common-sense history of the Church will do – Wikipedia “History of Christianity” for example.


  7. Damian;
    You assume that I assumed Sola Scriptura. I merely offered to dialogue with Stephen based upon the opinion of God’s Word verses the opinions of 10,000 teachers (a reference to a comment by St Paul in scripture).

    By the way, there is no word in the Greek for the word “church” which men put in replacing the word and meaning of Ekklesia/Ecclesia whose meaning is a body of called out ones, and Jesus alone builds out of lively stones. The closest translation of the word church would be akin to physical building or institution which plays into you errors.

    With regards to Who wrote the bible, most of it was written prior to the existence of what you call the church. But haven’t you read In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word is God? (Hint: read John 1) Jesus is the Word of God and God said He elevates His Word above His Name!

    Oh, and when you capitalize the word catholic you change the meaning from body of believers universal to the Catholic Church of Rome.

    Next there is the matter of making the church, particularly the Catholic Church the authority which was given as the very purpose of the Holy Spirit who is to lead us into all Truth through the Word in context!

    Then there is the strangest twist of all, as you put down the authority of Devine Writ and the Holy Spirit while elevating Wikipedia, a 100% man made flesh authority as your source proof! WOW!!!

    Questions for you Damian:
    1. Was Mary sinless and do you venerate her?
    2. What does Vicar of Christ mean and do you agree?
    3. What are the deeds of the Nicolaitans’ which things Jesus hates?
    4. Do you agree with the current pope when he says that Jesus’ cross was a failure?

    Lastly, when you next talk to Stephen, please let him know that my offer to dialogue with Catholic Bibles as our plumb line still stands.

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  8. In case you missed it Damian.


    He starts by calling the Muslims his brothers. Meaning they have the same father, yet Muslims claim Allah had no sons.

    He then moves to the failure of the cross…

    And then closes by venerating Mary in song.

    Damian, are you in agreement with this Jesuit “Vicar of Christ?”

    Also, do you know who Ignatius of Loyola was, and what his pledge to his pope was? Perhaps you could Wikipedia that too!

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  9. Look who is in Salt Lake today for the World Religion Conference. A room full of compromisers. It is a who’s who list of deniers of the gospel according to Jesus. The RCC is joining hands with this great convocation of the enemies of the Cross.


  10. Nothing spoken by Mr. duplicitous surprises me except when he accidently speaks biblically.
    Happy to report that our pastor just taught on the significance of and appreciation of Reformation Day Oct. 31.
    Years ago I learned that the German people were already primed and readied to embrace the NAZI party. The Arian mindset was already a part of the culture. Higher criticism of scripture was greatly advanced in Germany years before. Sorry to report that even Bonhoeffer was inculcated in it. Hitler only needed to fan the flames and promise that he could deliver the fulfillment of their desires.
    Then it occurred to me that as it was then so it will be for the antichrist. The fallen world and false teachers in the organized churches are primed and ready to embrace this false messiah.
    The great delusion is come upon us and with it the great persecution of the faithful.
    I don’t mean to stir the eschatological pot. I hope that I am wrong. Through the study of the scriptures I have had to modify my end times position more than once. The Pharisees clung to their messianic dogma while rejecting the fulfillment right in front of them. I do not desire to cling to an end times position that is contrary to the reality right in front of me.
    Stay thirsty my friends……..as the deer panted after water….so my soul after thee.

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