Christians and the unrighteousness of war.

13 thoughts on “Christians and the unrighteousness of war.

  1. A wholehearted amen. If Russia escalates their actions again the States for Trump’s hot-hotheadedness, Canada will be the first country occupied. We are pilgrims, lights and ambassadors in this world. Not fighting and killing like the world.

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  2. I agree….but how do we reconcile this with the different psalmist’s calls for God to destroy nations and to get rid of the wicked?


  3. I am surprised that you should be so short on Bible knowledge when it clearly states that God both caused and ends war — In both OT and and NT. I know that liberal Christians would agree with you. Are you liberal?


  4. God has the entire gamut of history in His capable hands. It doesn’t matter what happens on this planet. All that matter for us as Christians is to represent Christ and spread His Gospel to the world.


  5. @ Loren
    Oh, how the church has fallen for the left/right dichotomy (and what a sad state we are in) when merely proposing that we stop murdering people, one is assumed a liberal. I suppose you would be better served taking that question up with the late Spurgeon, as it was his quote.

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  6. Good quote, but I don’t believe that Spurgeon was mitigating against war by the unrighteous. The ENTIRE point of his quote was about whether Christians should be involved, and that we certainly have no right to rejoice when the enemy is slaughtered.

    Christians should not be spearheading any attempts to attack nations. The Bible is clear that wars do come about and they are used by God to bring judgment to other nations, but the ONLY time that a people belonging to God were called upon to actually take up weapons and fight was the children of Israel. Not one place in the New Testament calls true believers of Jesus Christ to foment or go to war in order to establish peace in the nations.

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  7. Completely agree brother. As I said, ‘Honestly, how can a child of God, forgiven of so much, even think about killing anyone?! It boggles my mind.’ Christians going to war or as you said spearheading attacks goes against scripture. We are not to lead revolts, retaliations or attacks against anyone. Preach the Gospel through service, sacrifice and love.


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