Hell is necessary.

Here’s something you won’t hear in most American churches today.

If you want to listen to this entire message you can download it from this post.

5 thoughts on “Hell is necessary.

  1. About a year ago, the daughter of a dear friend had her boy friend over to her father’s house for dinner. A reformed preacher friend was also visiting. The intellectual young man claimed to have read the Bible a few times, along with myriad other pagan books and declared his disbelief in the Lord, along with his view that he was ready and willing to go to hell – if it exists.

    We prayed for this fool and he is gracious and deceived.


  2. I can almost hear the Seeker Sensitive, emergent, self-esteem, self-help cadre’s complaints now:

    “Tim Conway’s intolerant and close-minded views on hell are outmoded, outdated, and overtly fundamentalist. After all has he never read that “God is love”?

    Because He’s so loving God would never really send anyone to suffer eternal torments in hell fire. That kind of negative teaching actually drives seekers away from the love of Christ.

    Can you hear the hiss in this line of reasoning? “Yea, hath God said?”

    In Christ,


  3. It is logical that if His way is righteous and our way is self-righteous, and God tells us what pleases Him in His Word such as, for one, “the prayers of a righteous (obedient to Him, living His way, not our way) man availeth much” … the prayers of an unrighteous man doesn’t avail anything. There is black and white. The world is a soothe saying liar.

    We have recently read that Fawcett told God that she didn’t want to die of cancer and now was the time for Him to do a miracle for her. ??? Excuse me. Then two actresses on the dumb show she used to be on in the 70’s are going on today about how she had strong faith and is in “heaven with the real angels” now and another said she is being welcomed with open arms … then ofcourse there’s Michael Jackson and well need we say more. We know they’ll say the same for him too. If only they would have heard this message. I hope they are but Jesus said we’ll know them by their fruits and these two do not have any. Gone is the chaff. God knows the difference between contrite repentance and calling on His name because you’re running scared and suddenly what if ‘they’re’ right so you can get that ‘get out of hell free card’.

    Is this sad to say? Yes. This is real, not a script.

    Jesus first,
    Mrs. White


  4. What a wonderful message to hear! This is what Jesus came to save people from. This is what salvation is all about. This is such a critical element of the gospel.

    Pilgrim, thank you so much for this important reminder.


  5. Oh I remember this flesh stirring sermon. Talk about a wake up call! On top of that, the irony of the woman who comes in the church at 35 minutes into the sermon saying Help Me, Someone has stolen my purse and Pastor Tim allows it to flow into Thou shalt not steal. While I am sorry for the lady who was purse-snatched you have to think about the ironic timing of that. I urge everyone to listen to this sermon and heed the warnings in it…


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