Just go back to the world!

Sometimes the truth hurts, but it still needs to be told. I wish more pastors would be as bold as Tim Conway. Granted, their pews would empty out, but wheat usually grows much better without tares anyway.

HT: Puritan Fellowship

16 thoughts on “Just go back to the world!

  1. No doubt, we already know the scripture in Revelation that talks about being cold and lukewarm as being one and the same in God’s eyes.

    But, just try telling that to the majority of Christians knowadays. They will nod yes to the scripture, but still accept ‘questionable practices’, like smoking, drinking etc as being ok. Whatever ok means.

    There is so much deception and self-deception in the churches nowadays, that anything seems to be acceptable but the true word of God.

    And I could write a book about what I mean about the true word of God, but not right now.

    God bless.


  2. None of us love Christ with all our heart.

    I’m this pastor has times in his own life when he tests those edges, too.

    I’m not a big fan of this ‘holiness Christianity’ wherein you set aside yourselves as better ‘than they are’.

    The Sermon on the Mount was meant to destroy thinking like that and to make sure the finger was pointing directly at ALL of us.

    The pride from this pastor, preacher, whtever he is, is dripping off of him.

    “Thank you Lord that I am not like other men”


  3. Love or hate him, he is only saying what the word of God tells us.

    1 John 2v15, “Do not love the world, or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him”

    God also tells us in Revelation 3 that if we are lukewarm He will spew us out of His mouth. He wants us either hot (for Him), or cold, (against Him).

    Cold and lukewarm are the same to God.

    Also, a great way to make enemies is to tell the truth.

    Galatians 4v16, “Have I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth?”

    The apostle Paul knew all about having enemies. But then, he knew all about the truth without compromise.


  4. The impression I get (though) is that he is actually doing it.

    he is living the Christian life the way it ought be done, and that others aren’t.

    Had he said, ‘look, I knoe that I too, fail at how I should be living…I too have blown it…but we have a loving Father in Christ Jesus who loves and forgives us’, then I would say yes.

    But all I got from him was law, and the law brings death.


  5. Galatians 3v24, “Therefore the law was our tutor to bring us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith”

    You are right that the law brings forth death. It does. And we need it.

    The Ten Commandments are not obsolete. Therefore, if we think because we are under grace we can abuse that grace, we are wrong.

    We could spend our entire live pulling planks out of our eyes. So be it.

    Does that mean we keep our mouths shut and ignore all the sins around us?

    If we are committing those sins, then yes, we should keep our mouths shut.

    But, if through the grace of God, and the blood of Jesus Christ we have known God’s forgiveness and are urgent for others to repent and love God, then how can we keep silent?

    We either love God, or we don’t.

    There should not be a question mark over that.

    But, enough.


  6. Doreen,

    Good comments.

    You are right.

    We do not keep our mouths shut. We preach the law, and hard…just the way he did…BUT, we include ourselves in the finger pointing. And we don’t forget to add that it was (is) for the ungodly that Christ came! We sinners, are the ones that He loves and forgives.

    Then you have a proper Law/Gospel paradigm.

    Death/Resurrection Repentance/Forgiveness

    The shape of the Christian’s life.


  7. I have to agree with theoldadam in this one. As much as I love Pastor Tim and his passion for the truth, this one does come across as him taking himself out of this problem.

    Don’t get me wrong – I have heard Pastor Tim preach many times and his question and answer videos have been a blessing to me and I am sure many others but in this video I do see what theoldadam is talking about.

    Everything Tim says is the unadulterated truth – no doubt about that. I think the discussion here is not over what he said but how he says it.

    A good pastor/preacher preaches to himself as much as he does the flock. I believe Pastor Tim to be one of those good preachers as I have heard him in other videos include himself openly in the struggle of sin – it’s just in this video he neglects to do it and for someone who only watches just this video you get the sense he is “holier than thou”. So I understand where theoldadam is coming from.


  8. I have to disagree with theoldadam.

    The context of Pastor Conway’s message is NOT the saint’s struggle with sin, but with those who claim the name of Christ but whose desire is to live like the world. It’s a matter of the intentions of the heart.

    The regenerate person desires nothing more than to have all his sin removed from him, and to daily conform more to the image of Christ, not see how much he can swim in the sewer without getting dirty enough to keep him out of Heaven. The sign (or fruit) of a truly changed heart is a new hatred for his sin.

    The unregenerate churchgoer, however, wants to keep his sin and Jesus too. His heart has not changed, evidenced by his desire to “get away with” as much sin as he can and still slip into heaven.

    Papapatriot hit the nail on the head with the intent of those who claim to be God’s children when he said:
    “if a Husband says to his wife ‘how many woman can I mess around before you divorce me?’ this man does not truly love his wife.”

    We would question (and rightly so) the man who claims to love his wife yet desires to be with other women. Yet, when this same common sense observation is applied to our relationship with God, then we turn a blind eye and begin to attack the messenger.

    Furthermore, and with all due respect to theoldadam, I grow weary of every time someone preaches hard truths (e.g. how Jesus said if we love Him we’ll follow His commandments) the immediate response is “that preacher must think he walks on water” if the preacher didn’t FIRST preface his statement with “what I wretch I am.”

    It’s equivalent to anytime someone argues against the problem of illegal immigration they must FIRST say “I’m not a racist” otherwise they must be a racist.

    The truth of Pastor Conway’s message holds absolutely, positively no less weight because the clip we saw did not contain him saying, “I struggle with sin” first.

    We have to stop our knee-jerk reaction to always find what the preacher DIDN’T say when he preaches a hard truth instead of taking the hard truth and allowing it to convict us.

    And finally, as Jay said, based on numerous past sermons I’ve heard from Pastor Conway, he is not a holier-than-thou Pharisee. To try to label him (whether directly or indirectly) as such because of this brief video is disingenuous.

    – The Pilgrim


  9. The Pilgrim,

    Then I would respectfully ask, ‘why do you still persist in your disobedience, pastor Conway?’

    Why is it that he refuses to live the way that God demands that we live?

    Why does he get a pass?

    Or is he so foolish as to actuall believe that he IS doing a pretty good job of it?


  10. Dear theoldadam,

    Hey brother, thanks for your question.

    I don’t believe Pastor Conway’s saying that. That’s where I think you’re misunderstanding him and the point of this video.

    First we know from his standard of preaching that he does not believe he is doing a pretty good job. Does anybody?

    He was speaking specifically of those who WANT to live like the world (that’s their desire). He was not speaking about those who STRUGGLE with sin.

    There is a big difference between the two. One always wanting to skate the line and push the envelope, the other running from the line and burning the envelope.

    I encourage you to watch the video again with that understanding and perhaps you’ll say, “Ohhhh, now I get it.”


    We on DefCon are the recipients of this kind of assumption quite frequently. I know that I am and have been often accused (whether on the blog or in real life) as being holier-than-thou. But if only my accusers knew that I hold myself to an even higher standard and expectation in matters of sin and holiness in my own life than anyone else, then they would not say that about me. In the end I’m not responsible for them, but for myself.

    I am tormented and struggle daily with my own imperfections, shortcomings, failures, and outright sin. I am harder on myself than anyone else for sure. I would love to get rid of my struggles and be perfected on this side of eternity, but every time I think I’ve conquered one sin, God reveals three others. Ugh! One step forward two steps back.

    Additionally, I am grateful for men like Conway, Washer, MacArthur, Sukhia, Green, Johnson, Baucham, Lawson, and the like who do not pull punches. They lay it out no matter how hard the truth is to swallow. Do these men believe they’ve attained some nirvana of perfection? Certainly not, but they preach the whole counsel of God, even the hard stuff.

    – The Pilgrim


  11. The Pilgrim,

    When I look at it from your point of view, I do see what you mean.

    I too, am grateful for all these preachers. Even though I don’t always see eye to eye them theologically.

    The Lord uses us, his imperfect tools for His perfect purposes.



  12. Regarding pastor Tim, having watched many of his videos, he most certainly does not regard himself as ‘having attained.’ I would toss this hat into the ring: he is passionate to the point of jarring, to make clear the message, whether received with thanksgiving or rejected with malice, because the people die for lack of knowledge and he must give account to his Master. I think we all know folks who ‘play’ at the faith, hoping to have their cake and eat it, too. If one’s life is characterized by a desire to draw as near to sin as one is convinced is possible, then it is a life not characterized by a desire to draw as near to Christ as possible in His grace and His Spirit.

    If one truly, deep down, wants the world, sin, whatever, more than he/she wants Christ, one may as well ‘live it up’ now because playing at love for Christ and playing at keeping the faith will not pull one over on Him Who says: “Depart from Me, you worker of lawlessness. I never knew you.”

    And if the Spirit have mercy on such, a jarring message may be a choice vessel for the pouring in of the Holy Spirit’s work of conviction of sin to bring about repentence and faith according to the gospel.


  13. I was very encouraged by Tim Conway’s message and thank you for posting it. What he spoke is truth where sadly so many who profess the name of Christ look like the world, speak like the world, undress like the world (I live at the beach and see professing Christians walking around basically naked – male and female), and guzzle down the so-called entertainment of the world.

    And in all of this it appears that so few have any conviction whatsoever that something might be amiss where they may need to shed much of the things of the world which they hold so near and dear. Whether it be their love affair with ungodly music, wicked movies and TV shows, clothing which does not conceal but rather reveal, a penchant to go out to nightclubs/bars, fleshly escapades in dating relationships, or any other number of things that should not even be named amongst God’s people.

    This greatly saddens and grieves me and it came to the forefront as I was reviewing profiles of women at a very popular “Christian” singles site. Nearly every profile, probably 95% or greater, looked and sounded just like what you would find on a non-Christian site. Love of movies and TV, fawning over wicked musicians and artists, fleshly pursuits and more made me realize why a virtuous woman is more precious than rubies.

    In all of this I had to ask myself, so where is the difference between these women and women of the world? Is it merely because they go to “church” every Sunday and say they love Jesus? And yes, to the women out there I’m sure the same is true with the male populace although I don’t make it habit of reviewing their profiles 🙂 I also believe certainly that there are those who do struggle and are coming out of their sins; but the overall picture is one of people who not only mirror the world but actually love it (as Tim Conway noted).

    What also saddens me is that there are so few elders who preach about these things; not in generalities but in specifics. And worse yet those who promote such wickedness or turn a blind eye.

    May God be glorified by those who, like Tim Conway, and others, living and dead, who speak and have spoken out against these things and call the church to awaken from her slumber and to be either cold or hot lest the Lord spew her out of his mouth.


  14. I apoligize if this went through twice.

    This is a brief message, BRIEF. It, as I see it, has one purpose. To let sleepy, worldly, comfortable, satisfied, self righteous et al Christians know what God expects.

    A worldly christian, or perhaps they are not christian but believe themselves to be so, measures how much sin they can “get away with” and still be christian. This does not reflect the changed heart of a Christian.

    A worldly person jumps into sin, revels in it, makes justification for it (including comparing themselves to others they are “better than”). they see not their peril and love the trappings of the world. A person born again backslides and is filled with remorse and shame. Though he knows the human condition, and our sin nature is with us, it is the attitude toward sin that is different.

    Do you pray for more mercy and grace? Or do you justify?
    I don’t need a pastor to tell me they also have a sin nature.
    I don’t need a pastor to tell me its okay, I sin like everyone else, I repent and go on. I DON’T WANT A PASTOR TO MINIMIZE SIN! I want a pastor to convict me in my sin, point a spot light of truth that cuts through the worldly fog, and shows me where I am at, and how far I need to go.

    This 2 minute 18 second video spoke to my heart, gave me further conviction that my heart, mind, and will are not in the right place as they should be.

    Thank you Pastor Tim Conway for being faithful to the word and faithful to me even though I only got to visit your church once.


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