You, not God, decides when you die: Jesse Duplantis continues his ‘twisting.’

This is a continuation from this previous post on Jesse Duplantis. This video shows Duplantis’ continued twisting of Scripture . . . twisting that would make Chubby Checker envious.

23 thoughts on “You, not God, decides when you die: Jesse Duplantis continues his ‘twisting.’

  1. Then I guess Jesse and all of the other con artist will live forever. There is no way they will give up the stream of money they have coming in.

    I did notice that Jesse is looking a little old. The hair is a little white. You would think if he could control when he was going to die, he would be able to stop the aging process as well????


  2. I knew that guy was wrong in his theology, but I didn’t know just how wrong. I’ve never heard such a blatant attack on the sovereignty of God.


  3. Guess my elders lied to me. They told (from the Scriptures) that Almighty God has set the days and places of each person’s life. Said that people who tout health foods, saying they will add years to one’s life, are lying – that such foods might make your last few years healthier but would not add one day to what God has determined for you.

    Who should I believe – man or God?


  4. John MacArthur, R.C. Spruol and Jesse Duplantis are my favorite Bible teachers.

    Wait, which one of these things is not like the other?


  5. On the Jesse Duplantis Ministries website, the following sample prayer is given:

    Lord Jesus, I ask You to come into my life and forgive me of all my sins. I confess my sins before You this day. I denounce Satan and all his works. I confess Jesus as the Lord of my life. Thank You for saving me. I believe with my heart and I confess with my mouth that You rose from the dead. I am saved. Write my name in the Lamb’s book of life. Today is my God-day with the Lord Jesus! I pray this prayer to the Father in the name of Jesus. Amen.

    To many trusting individuals, this may all sound biblical. After all, it does make mention of asking Jesus to forgive your sins, of denouncing Satan, etc. It especially refers to confessing Jesus with the mouth and believing in the heart that Jesus rose from the dead (in reference no doubt to Rom. 10:9). For some individuals, this is evidence that Jessie is an orthodox preacher of the gospel. But it’s a trick countless false teachers use. They hook and reel them in with a collection of scattered, biblical sounding statements. They throw in the name of Jesus a lot. They acknowledge some basic orthodox truths. Then they mix in the kind of stuff as recorded in this (and other) videos.

    TRUTH, TRUTH, Truth, TRUTH, lie, TRUTH, TRUTH, TRUTH, lie, lie, TRUTH, TRUTH, lie, lie, lie…..

    What people fail to recognize is that a good tree cannot bear bad fruit. A true minister of the Gospel will not preach heresy, blasphemy, etc., nor practice forbidden things. And that goes not just for Mr. Duplantis, but for a wide range of well-respected preaching celebrities out there.


  6. Then my great-grandmother had no power in her tongue.

    For several decades she used to cry as we were leaving from a weekend visit and say that “this was probably the last time we would ever see her.”

    My dad even remembers when he was a young boy – she talked about dying quite a lot …. but lived to well over 90 yrs.


  7. “Death and life in the power of the tongue;” “the anointing;” and “the Holy Ghost IN (not ‘and’) fire” – the three favorite misquoted Bible expressions among charismatic/Word of Faith preachers.


  8. I haven’t been involved with that movement for over a year now. I haven’t got to here any of the new lingo.

    I guess when ole JD does go on to meet his maker, we will know that he said he wanted to die or he forgot to claim more life.

    I would like to show this and the animal video to some JD supporters and see what they say.


  9. I didn’t read all of the posts, so please forgive me if I say something that has already been addressed. I was raised in Word of Faith (WOF). I suffered many things, and had experiences that would probably make you shake your head. One thing that completely shipwrecked my faith was the universal law of faith that WOF teachers preach. The quick and ugly of this is that faith is a force, and if your faith is strong enough, it will bring God into subservience to your will. He MUST obey. It takes power away from God (supposedly), and puts it into the hands of man. If you think the notion of having god-like power is blasphemous, no sweat, there’s a way around that – we are little gods.

    Now WOF teachers like Duplantis are even taking the power of death out of God’s hands and putting it into the carnal, wicked, and clumsy hands of man. Never mind that Jesus took the power of death… never mind that God Himself sets the number of our days…that’s moot. We have that power now. With that kind of power, who needs God?

    What you’re seeing in the WOF crowd is what was started in the garden of Eden. When Satan told Eve that she would be like God, it was very enticing to her and she succumbed to that temptation in an effort to exalt herself to a status like God. Satan is still enticing people with this, and they’re preaching it from the pulpits in the name of Word of Faith. That’s not real faith… that’s blasphemy.


  10. I am not sure even how to respond to something as foul and twisted as this. The other video was as bad as this one. In Acts 12:23 we see the response of an angel of the Lord to a man not giving glory to Whom it is due. I keep expecting lightning to flash out of the sky during the replay of these clips. There is truly a lack of fear for the Almighty God. I see that in these “preachers” and I see it in the world leaders. One day they will all stand before the Almighty One and then they will have fear. Of course, I will truly know the fear of the Lord by then also. This kind of thing should be a wake up call for all of us. All of us have times that we do not truly fear the Lord. We say we do, but our actions and thoughts speak differently. Isaiah probably felt that he had a reasonable amount of fear for the Almighty, but when he had his vision of being in heaven, before the throne of God, he realized just how little his fear was before; he declares, “Woe is me, for I am undone! Because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips; For my eyes have seen the King, The LORD of Hosts.”(Isaiah 6:5) May we all pray to God that He will help us to fear Him rightly.


  11. Each night this week my wife and I have been watching Justin Peters’s DVD titled ‘A Call to Discernment’. He was down in Australia recently and spoke at a church where my friend is the pastor. A brother lent us the DVD and it is sooo great!

    These guys are just so ridiculous and judgement day is going to be bad for them. Let us pray that they may turn and live!


  12. Hey Jesse! some bible basics to you. When you become a true Christian, you have ETERNAL life in heaven,not here.So sad that you don{t long meeting with Him…oh wait,I know why,you´ll be damned with your false teaching.


  13. Controlling once life? Oh no, the Bible says that it is God controlling that. I agree with JANE who says that, if JD could control death, he could also be cotrolling his aging process, that is just perfect.

    The Bible says that we cannot add ven one second to our life span. Mathew 6:27 sates : “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life”. That is Jesus speaking.

    In the New Covenant, God is not interested in saving people physical life at all cost. God is interested in saving spirits. He is even ready to kill the physical so that the spiritual will not perish (1 Corinthians 5:5).

    If you are interested in key differences between the Old and the New Covenant, the meaning of Jesus’s miracles , download this free pdf (


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