EE-Taow – It is Truth!

Words cannot express how one will be touched by this video that depicts the power of the gospel in ways that few of us have ever witnessed.  Prepare to shed copious tears in rejoicing in the power of the Great God whom we serve.  

Because the video is from Veoh, I am unable to get it to link here and successfully play.  Please select this link to watch.

10 thoughts on “EE-Taow – It is Truth!

  1. We have this video and watched it for the first time last year. It was very good.

    Notice the way this group presents the gospel? Law first, then Jesus Christ.

    Without truly understanding our sinfulness and God’s holiness, all we’re left with is the gospel of “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life,” and that “gospel” doesn’t save.

    The same way the gospel is presented to this tribe could be very effective right here in churches all across America. Sadly, that’s probably not going to happen. We’ve already heard the gospel, we think we understand it, now lets move on to more important things like, the building fund, the men’s retreat, the youth pizza night, and the upcoming harvest party.

    Eventually foreign nations and third world lands will have to send missionaries to America.

    – The Pilgrim


  2. Beautiful, beautiful video. It is hard to see through all these tears. I often take the Gospel for granted, how blessed I am to have seen it through these people’s eyes and heart. Oh! if only the Gospel was preached like that here in Australia. People are given a 1 hour sermon then asked if they want to make a decision for Christ. Maybe we need these people to come here and teach us how to evangelise. I pray all the wolves will keep away from them. Thank you for posting this brother Michael


  3. YES!!! Thanks for posting this video, I’ve been looking for this. I remember seeing this video at church as a kid. Their response to the Gospel has always stuck with me.



  4. All glory to the Lord God Almighty who uses those whom man considers weak to go forth and gather His lost sheep from all peoples, tribes, tongues and nations.


  5. Oh, come now–none of that can be true!!

    I mean…
    –where are the signs and wonders?
    –where are the miraculous healings?
    –where is the evidence of speaking in other tongues?
    –where is the ‘baptism of the Holy Spirit?’
    –where is the overflow of material abundance?
    –where was the meeting of these people’s felt needs?
    –what about their 40 Days of Purpose?

    Oh, you mean to say that teaching people about their lostness and pointing them to Christ and trusting in the Holy Spirit to bring them to the Lord is sufficient?

    Yes, and Amen!!

    To all you out there who are trusting in the above list as some kind of substitute for the truth of the gospel, watch this video and see the power of the Word of God!!


  6. Thanks, Michael, for this. Out of every tribe and nation and kindred and tongue…..And real uninhibated JOY!!! Jude, we here in the USA have a lot of repenting to do for shoving the false gospel on your people in the Name of Jesus. How dare we cry “God bless America”? Why should He? We would do better to cry “God forgive America”!
    Luke 7:47


  7. The most beautiful video I’ve ever seen. I truely wish I’d been there too to feel their joy. You were right about the tears. If we had that here in America….Wow!


  8. I noticed they didn’t “ask Jesus into their hearst”.

    If only people would get “believe” into their heads and not some formula or “magic words”.


  9. I have to agree with Shane, Jan 17 WOW!!!!

    Deb, we will feel their joy one day and they ours as we will all meet and rejoice evermore. Thanks to Jesus and His fulfilling of the Fathers will. Won’t it be GREAT!!!!!!!! Thank you JESUS!!!!!!


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