It’s better for Timmy.

Thanks to Revival And Reformation for posting this sobering piece:

This fictitious “letter” was taken from the book ‘Facts of the Matter, Daily Devotions for the Marketplace‘, by Dwight Hill.

“‘Dear Mom:

‘Gosh, can you believe it’s 2023 already?…It seems just yesterday I was sitting in first grade celebrating the century change. I know we really haven’t chatted since Christmas. Sorry. Anyway, I have some difficult news and I really didn’t want to call and talk face-to-face. Ted’s had a promotion and I should be up for a hefty raise this year if I keep putting in those crazy hours. You know how I work at it. Yes, we’re still struggling with the bills.

‘Timmy’s been ‘okay’ at kindergarten although he complains about going. But then, he wasn’t happy about daycare either, so what I can I do? He’s been a real problem, Mom. He’s a good kid, but quite honestly, he’s an unfair burden at this time in our lives. Ted and I have talked this through and through and finally made a choice. Plenty of other families have made it and are much better off.

‘Our pastor is supportive and says hard decisions are necessary. The family is a ‘system’, and the demands of one member shouldn’t be allowed to ruin the whole. he told us to be prayerful, consider all the factors, and do what is right to make the family work. He says that even though he probably wouldn’t do it himself, the decision is really ours. He was kind enough to refer us to a children’s clinic near here, so at least that part’s easy.

‘I’m not an uncaring mother. I do fell sorry for the little guy. I think he overheard Ted and me talking about ‘it’ the other night. I turned around and saw him standing at the bottom of the steps in his PJ’s with the little bear you gave him under his arm and his eyes sort of welling up. Mom, the way he looked at me just about broke my heart. But honestly, I believe this is better for Timmy, too.

‘It’s not fair to force him to live in a family that can’t give him the time and attention he deserves. And please don’t give me the kind of grief Grandma gave you over your abortions. It is the same thing, you know. We’ve told him he’s just going in for a vaccination. Anyway, they say it’s painless. I guess it’s just as well you haven’t seen that much of him.

Love to Dad:


You shall not murder.” (Exodus 20.13)

5 thoughts on “It’s better for Timmy.

  1. Oh yes, I can see it. The euthanasia debate has reared it’s ugly head in Australia again. Where does it stop, with anyone who has got an incurable illness then on to others who a just a burden. I watched a movie years ago “Logans Run ” (Anyone over 30 I think it was) was terminated. Seemed ridiculous at the time, not any more. This is the future we are all looking at now. Come soon Lord Jesus


  2. This letter rocked me something fierce when I read it. Especially with the situation my wife and I have been thrust into where every second is cherished with our children. I cannot imagine doing something so selfish and heartless, but alas, we are seeing signs of this even now, when parents ship their children off to daycare and preschool because Mommy “has” to work. I see “moms” and “dads” rolling their eyes at their children in impatience in stores, dragging them by the hand being harsh with them, yelling at them, letting their little children walk home by themselves…the list is endless. Adults (they really don’t deserve to be called parents) are being subtlety programmed to look at their babies as a burden, on them and on the environment. You can see this everywhere, I see it in my children with how the “care-givers” are trying their best to grow them up quickly, making them as independent as possible, so they won’t be a burden on them. The days where children were allowed to be children are gone, and I fear the days where children are allowed to actually live will be gone. Lord Jesus please make Your appearing soon.


  3. I agree with all of the above. Please come soon, Lord Jesus! Our children today are exposed to more violence and crime than any other generation than I can ever remember hearing about. When have you ever read or watched on TV about more young children being molested and then beaten to death by a stranger, or murdered by a father or mother who found them to be very inconvenient? It is outrageous!


  4. May the omnipotent hand of God restrain the wickedness of our hearts that such thing may never come to pass.

    Reading this ‘fictitious’ letter in light of Romans 1:28 – 32 put me in tears. Let’s preach the Gospel with boldness to our wicked generation!


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