A little bit of Heaven in a mall food court.

This video moved me to tears. It is an encouragement for those who belong to the Lord to see Him glorified so beautifully in song in the unlikeliest of places. I liken this video to things yet to come in two ways:

1). The beautiful worship of the Lamb that was slain by His redeemed one’s that will take place in Heaven.

2). This performance was done in spite of most in the mall where the glory of God was the furthest thing from their minds, much like those on the Day of Judgment will bow their knee and proclaim Jesus as Lord in spite of living their lives where the glory of God was the furthest thing from their minds. Those on Judgment Day will have no way to stop their compulsion to proclaim Jesus as Lord, much like those in the food court had no way to stop those who were singing praises of the risen Savior .

HT: Standing for Truth

14 thoughts on “A little bit of Heaven in a mall food court.

  1. I was overcome by tears of praise for our great Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    Thanks for the video.

    I thought the video you posted was this one that i watched just one day before.


  2. Makes me cry too. So awesome. Love the expressions of joy on the singer’s faces. If any don’t know the story of how Handel came to compose this work, it is truly a testimony to the power of the Holy Spirit, and that He certainly does still inspire us towards the glory of God.


  3. Let me be the wet blanket here.

    I think if you asked these people if they understood the song, you would get a big bucket of NOs. If you explained the lyrics, you would get great gasps and protests from the singers and the hearers.

    The group who is doing this stunt under the pretense of “Random Acts of Culture”, simply do not understand the manifest importance of the subject. The song is calling for Omnipotent King to come rein, rule and judge the world. And that Kingdom shall not end.

    For the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth.
    The kingdom of this world
    Is become the kingdom of our Lord,
    And of His Christ, and of His Christ;
    And He shall reign for ever and ever,
    King of kings! and Lord of lords!


  4. Papapatriot,
    the video you posted had a list of credits at the end; including credit to the Philadelphia gay men’s chorus. This song of praise, although sounding beautiful, is tainted because of unregenerates who sang praises to a God they deliberately sin against. It seems we must consider the earlier post from Craig. This ‘random acts’ are more of what’s wrong with American Christianity; it’s a feel-good kind of Christianity that doesn’t save anyone, no matter how good of show they put on.


  5. This performance in the food court was in Welland Ontario, and had nothing to do with Philadelphia, gays etc. It is a beautiful testimony to our Lord, King and Saviour.


  6. Craig and unworthy1:

    It is worth noting, to me anyway, that these types of songs and singing by the people singing it are an exhibit of God’s justice. They cannot plead ignorance to the call to repent. Nobody in that mall, upon standing before God, can claim that they never heard the Gospel. There can be no legitimate “There was no warning.” They knew the truth, many even sang the truth.


  7. Even if the words were on the lips of sinners (not sure if they were gay, doesn’t really matter), the Lord still triumphs. What better way to overcome Satan than to have his people sing praises to the King of Kings!


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