Black Lives Matter, Darwinian Evolution, and Black Liberation Theology

Black Lives Matter, Darwinian Evolution, and Black Liberation Theology

To all our followers. I urge you to take the time to watch this video. It explains the roots of the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM) which follows a doctrine called Black Liberation Theology. In the beginning of the video, I briefly touch on the hypocrisy of those that support BLM and yet believe in Darwinian Evolution, but then afterward thoroughly expose the history of this movement by dissecting an interview of what is deemed the founder of Black Liberation Theology – James Cone.

Take a seat, turn on your brain, because this one is going to require a lot of your attention. Please share this with other Christians and non-Christians alike.

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Thanksgiving Perspectives

This Thanksgiving Day, we are providing a post written by the Pilgrim from Thanksgiving 2009. So much has happened and changed in the world in the last 4 years, but there are also many things that have not. This is a reminder we should have in front of us every year.


As we in America celebrate Thanksgiving, and all the great freedoms, advancements, and benefits that the exporting of Christianity to this land brought with it, let us not forget about those millions of other people who are trapped in the bondage of their nations who are held captive to false religions and the human wreckage that those false religions bring.

Becoming Last had a post containing some pictures which reminded me exactly how thankful we should be, and exactly how starkly different the continent of North America may have turned out had the light of Christianity not pierced the darkness that covered this land.

The pictures in the post came from a piece in the Sacramento Bee. I’ve included some of these sobering but needful reminders below.

Let us not go to our graves having done nothing to see the advancement of the gospel to the uttermost parts of the world, where the worship of idols and demons keeps millions, if not billions, of souls in bondage.

Something to Think About


I am one who still celebrates Christmas with my family. Yes I know the allegations of it’s pagan origins, but I’m not going to argue that issue here today. Suffice it to say, if you are like me, then you enjoy sharing gifts with your loved ones. But as I share the picture posted above, I cannot help but be convicted by the influence out culture holds over us. If it is not the the newest, the latest and greatest gadget or toy, we feel cheated. We act as though we deserve to have the best and how dare anyone give us less.

But in our nation, even those of the lowest “class” have far more than the poorest nations in the world. I ask you to consider this, if you have a roof over your head, clothing to keep you warm and food to eat, realize your are greatly blessed by the Lord. If you have more than that, if you have a stable job, the ability to provide your family with even the smallest of gifts this season, you have been blessed above and beyond anything you deserve.

If you have a family that just “has to have” the newest and best, take the time to lead them through the gospel. Show them what we all truly deserve, the wrath of God. Then show them that in His great love for us, Christ died to redeem us. Anything above and beyond that gift is God’s blessings and we should not despise them.

Then, as Christians who have been bought with the precious blood of Christ, may we examine the blessings we have received and see where we might share them with those who are not so fortunate. Let us bestow upon those who are in far greater need than ourselves, providing for what their physical needs may be. Then, when we do so, let us share that greatest gift of all, the message that Jesus Christ came to save sinners.

What Happens If……?

There are many mission organizations in the world today. In fact, we are currently visiting the Colorado Springs area where there are several hundred para-church organizations based. What is the purpose of these groups? They are involved in medical work, education endeavors, humanitarian aid, etc., etc., etc., but are they truly accomplishing the Great Commission? What happens if they are not?

Lives are being spent across the world for many causes. People have been willing to leave the creature comforts that they have been used to all their lives and continue to move to the far-flung reaches of the world. They are involved in many different mission endeavors, some maybe more questionable than others. Are these “missionaries” truly accomplishing the Great Commission? What happens if they are not?

Churches are spending portions of their general and mission budgets to support the works that are spread across 6 of the 7 continents. Seeking to fulfill their part of the Great Commission, their money is being given and being spent with the purpose of supposedly reaching 7 billion people, the vast majority of which have never heard the good news of the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Are these churches truly accomplishing the Great Commission? What happens if they are not?

Part of our problem is seeking to define exactly WHAT the Great Commission is. When the Lord Jesus Christ left His disciples, His command was to “go into all the world and PREACH the gospel to every creature.” After they have been PREACHED to, they are to be baptized and discipled in all the things that the Lord Jesus Christ taught His disciples.

So, our next questions should be – What part of the Great Commission have we failed to understand? What part of “preach the gospel” have we failed to comprehend as being a command from God?

By no means do I seek to demean the work being done in the name of Christ, but it is important that we give due diligence and see if the work being done in the name of Christ is actually what Christ commanded us to do!

For example, there are many who would throw verses from James around as though it is our responsibility to alleviate the poverty of the world. Verses from Deuteronomy or Isaiah somehow are twisted out of context to show how it the responsibility of every Christian and every church and every pastor and every missionary to “do their part” to rid the world of the evil blight of this disease called poverty that racks our world.

So, what happens when we provide clean water, solid nourishing food, a basic education standard, improved medical conditions, new buildings, properly built homes, good sanitation systems, commercial endeavors in the area of agriculture to all the nations of the world – yet fail to follow the Great Commission to PREACH the gospel?

1) We will have raised the living standard of the poor around the world.

2) We will be able to feel better about ourselves.

3) We will have raised the self-esteem of those who do not have the “privilege” of living in our exalted conditions here in the West.

4) We will be able to sleep better at night knowing that we have “done our part” in making the world a better place.

BUT ———

1) We will have forgotten that the root of the problem is NOT poverty.

2) We will have turned a convenient blind eye to the depravity of mankind.

3) We will have failed to understand that this world is NEVER going to get better until the Lord Jesus Christ returns and establishes His forever kingdom.

4) We will have missed the cry of the damned as they pass into eternity with full stomachs, nicer houses, educated, and in good health.

This will be information for a later post, but I would like to encourage our readers to give Biblical consideration to the message of the Gospel as well as to the purpose of the Gospel. People who live in a stone age existence continue to die, but those in poor villages who die without all the conveniences that we insist they MUST have but who have heard the gospel and accepted Christ as their Saviour die rich beyond compare.

What happens if….you could ask those in hell whether they are happy because they received medical support, a longer life expectancy, good education, better food, clean water – ALL AT THE EXPENSE OF THE GREAT COMMISSION??

The Great Commission is NOT a social gospel. It is a gospel that proclaims Jesus Christ came to a sin-cursed world to atone for the sins of mankind. He left His throne in glory not to make this world a place with better living conditions. He came because the wrath of God had to be turned aside and because sin’s penalty had to be paid. He came to redeem us from the bondage of sin, and one day He is coming back for His spotless Bride.

Everything else is but a facade covering the face of the broad road to destruction in hell if it is done at the expense of the Great Commission. Selah!

In conclusion: My final post on Christmas.

In this, my last post on the subject of Christmas, I wanted to share some final thoughts.

When I first posted my reasons for not celebrating Christmas (found here) I never imagined the furor it would cause. Although I was grateful to see much healthy dialogue on the subject, and equally grateful for those readers who are beginning to examine this matter for themselves, that gratefulness was eclipsed by how the discussion disintegrated into vitriolic arguments, including threats of violence (as seen in the comments section of this post on the origins of Christmas).

Watching the exchanges deteriorate as they did grieved me. I simply wanted to present my thoughts to the readers in the hopes that they too would begin to wrestle with the subject: Not to debate about whether or not we have liberty to celebrate the holiday, but “why as Christians do we celebrate it?”

It was certainly never my intent to cause discord or division among the saints. And because of that I want to apologize to those who witnessed the graceless exchange.

In my original post on Christmas I provided two primary reasons for choosing to no longer celebrate the holiday. I spent only 305 words mentioning the Romish and pagan origins of the holiday and 1,143 words (not counting the conclusion) discussing the other reason–namely the greed, covetousness, and the massive amount of money spent on ourselves while much of the world is starving for food, water, and the gospel. Unfortunately the overwhelming majority of the comments on DefCon over the past month has focused on the 305 words and not much was mentioned regarding the other 1,143 words. The latter reason, I feel, is just as important to consider as the former.

Where words fail in communicating a point sometimes images can help. For this reason I have chosen to share the following video as an illustration of why I have such a hard time with me–as a Christian–partaking in the festival of Christmas. How can I justify to myself, my children, my family, and ultimately God, that spending more money on vain material items under the guise of celebrating the birth of the One who gave up so much for us, is actually a good thing?

When I consider how the family in this video (one of countless families throughout the world) spends their Christmas–and every other day of the year–it makes a pile of needless presents sitting under a pretty tree seem rather pointless, selfish, and almost . . . sinful.

On this Christmas I want to introduce you to Sam, Esther, and Jane of Uganda:

It has been (and continues to be) my hope and prayer that we each examine our reasons for celebrating Christmas. It is also my hope and prayer that this issue will not divide us and that I will never develop a judgmental or better-than attitude toward those who choose to continue marking the holiday.

In conclusion I ask that you ponder with me this final thought: What would you and I prefer to be caught doing if the Lord came back during next year’s Christmas season?

1). Standing in a long line at Wal-Mart purchasing a large pile of soon-to-be-forgotten presents placing us further in debt in order to celebrate a holiday birthed from an unholy union between Rome and pagans celebrated by much of the unbelieving world in which–no matter how hard we try to avoid it–Jesus gets relegated to a sentimental byline–crowded out by the hectic activities, gluttonous parties, and greed of the season, all (supposedly) in honor of Jesus Christ’s incarnation?

2). Or would you and I prefer to be found using our time, money, and resources to help those like Sam, Esther, and Jane (not just at Christmas but all year long) by putting food and water in their bellies, a Bible in their hand, and a faithful missionary preacher in their midst?

You all know where I stand on the issue . . . I just ask, will you join me?

May the Lord receive the reward for His suffering.

– Pilgrim

A little bit of Heaven in a mall food court.

This video moved me to tears. It is an encouragement for those who belong to the Lord to see Him glorified so beautifully in song in the unlikeliest of places. I liken this video to things yet to come in two ways:

1). The beautiful worship of the Lamb that was slain by His redeemed one’s that will take place in Heaven.

2). This performance was done in spite of most in the mall where the glory of God was the furthest thing from their minds, much like those on the Day of Judgment will bow their knee and proclaim Jesus as Lord in spite of living their lives where the glory of God was the furthest thing from their minds. Those on Judgment Day will have no way to stop their compulsion to proclaim Jesus as Lord, much like those in the food court had no way to stop those who were singing praises of the risen Savior .

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The poorest man in the world.

The following sobering piece comes from the Fruin family currently serving as missionaries in Mexico:

The Meeting
It was dusk on Friday evening as we were driving up the dirt road that we call the short-cut to our home that sits in the middle of a ranch in northern Mexico. We were on an uphill, curving section that is very stony and rutted. The combination of road conditions and deep shadows required my undivided focus. “Watch out,” cried my wife, “I think that’s a man!” I had not seen anything but, directed by her gaze, I saw what did indeed appear to be a man just beside the right front corner of our full sized van. His dingy clothing served as camouflage on the unpaved road. I had just missed putting our wheel directly through his body lengthwise. He did not jump up. He did not dodge. “He must be passed out,” I thought to myself. He had moved ever so slightly assuring me he was not dead. The terror of nearly accidentally killing someone began to fade and, as will happen at times like these, was replaced by anger and indignation. “Some fool had become so inebriated that he passed out in the middle of the road,” I reasoned.
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