Black Lives Matter, Darwinian Evolution, and Black Liberation Theology

To all our followers. I urge you to take the time to watch this video. It explains the roots of the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM) which follows a doctrine called Black Liberation Theology. In the beginning of the video, I briefly touch on the hypocrisy of those that support BLM and yet believe in Darwinian Evolution, but then afterward thoroughly expose the history of this movement by dissecting an interview of what is deemed the founder of Black Liberation Theology – James Cone.

Take a seat, turn on your brain, because this one is going to require a lot of your attention. Please share this with other Christians and non-Christians alike.

-Until we go home

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6 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter, Darwinian Evolution, and Black Liberation Theology

  1. The minute then senator Obama, on live TV, said that Rev. Wright had persuaded him to accept the SOCIAL gospel, I jumped on the internet. that night I learned that the social gospel was liberation theology. Former KBG operatives admitted that they had introduced this Trojan lie into South American Catholic churches. This was nothing less than pure commie/socialism. they used biblical terms but gave them new definitions. I also went to the Web Page of Wrights church. I looked into the list of books recommended for reading. Every single book and author was hard core (black) liberation theology, including James Cone.
    In order to introduce a lie you must silence the voices of truth. Wrights church never taught the gospel according to Jesus. Nor did the Jesuit Catholics of south America.
    They all taught the classic Marxist rhetoric of the struggle of the classes. the solution was for the oppressed to overthrow the cruel oppressors by any means.

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  2. I just finished watching this 100 minute video. It was well worth it. Sadly it is even worse than I thought. I would say that this is deadly serious. It points out that this distortion of the gospel and all of biblical Christianity, will become a mainstream avenue for increased persecution of Christians in America.
    More seriously it will lead these same deceived and angry people into perdition.
    Call it social justice or the social gospel or liberation theology or black lives matter or civil rights for the lgbt–xyz folks, it is atheistic antichristian hate, with classic Marxist reparations tossed in for good measure. .
    They think that only they understand the cross of Christ and that no one of perceived power or privilege can understand it. Apart from understanding it, witnessing to them will be made 10 times more difficult.


  3. WOW! So informative and spot on truthful!
    I came across this while I was actually searching for something else to get information on. Now I can’t remember what it was that I was originally looking for after listening to this. It caught my eye when I saw the BLM. My husband is a police officer. We are fortunate that the violence and protests haven’t come full force into our neck of the woods yet and that our communities and cities that he patrols are very supportive of our law enforcement.
    A couple of weeks back, BLM wanted to come and protest our officers, deputies and state patrol during a vigil that they held to honor the many deaths of their fellow officers. Suffice to say, BLM got wind of our community not wanting them here. Our citizens were ready to do battle on behalf of their protectors. Well, knowing they were’t going to get a welcome here, they stayed away.
    All I have seen is the rioting, attempts of trying to intimidate police officers by getting in their face knowing that the officer will take the high road and ignore them as best as they can. I have had nothing but pure hatred for these people, I admit. So admitting that, it is refreshing to have a reminder that they are just as deceived as anyone believing any other false gospel. What an eye opening experience I have had here. My heart has softened towards them-mostly. Seeing what my husband is up against keeps my guard up and my emotions tend to trump my love for them but at least I have a better understanding. They seem to have been oppressed by the very people who are claiming to speak for them. I honestly had no idea that there was a theology behind this movement. I think I had heard there was but I ignored it. I’m thankful that I was blessed with this message today.

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  4. Thanks Kelli. I’ll pray for your husband’s safety, and your internal struggle for forgiveness. Keeping things gospel centered is vital. It’s what humbles us all. Myself included.


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