Derek meets a false apostle and Shelly confronts her pastor.

These two videos hit the proverbial nail on the head on every over-used cliche and every platitude I’ve hear ad nauseum in my time in charismatic circles. (You’ll have to watch each video over at YouTube since embedding has been enabled.)

Derek’s encounter:

Shelly’s encounter:

12 thoughts on “Derek meets a false apostle and Shelly confronts her pastor.

  1. Ouch.

    This brings back memories. Oh my. We have long since left the church which held on to these tactics, but it is hard to see dear friends remaining. So thank you for the reminder to pray for release from bondage.


  2. Brings back bitter memories for me too, and for the various regular readers of this blog who’ve come from this type of background.

    One of the most liberating things I’ve experienced since enduring these charismatic, word of faith “churches” is that now when I get a cold I can actually say “I’ve got a cold.” (Those from these type of churches know exactly what I’m talking about.)


  3. In my last church – which was worldly, not Word of Faith – I was called Shimei by the “senior pastor” twice when I asked him why he skipped part of James and why he “preached” about how the first Christmas might have been like for Joseph. In my current church, when I ask one of elders a question, I get an answer – without condensation or offense. How wonderful to be a biblical fellowship with elders who serve the Lord and the flock.


  4. I remember at a church we were attending that was Word of Faith, on Mother’s Day these two played “Ave Maria” for the congregation. Later the Pastor asked them why they played this particular song and he noted his objection to them playing a song in his church that glorified Mary. They said, “Oh no, Pastor, this song was originally composed to sing glory to the Father, it was only later when it was changed to sing about Mary.”
    He said, “Oh, okay, that’s fine then…”
    I said to my wife, “But it’s Mother’s Day. Firstly, they knew it was Mother’s Day, that’s why they picked a “motherly” song, and secondly if it was originally composed for our Father, then shouldn’t it have been played for Father’s Day?” We just shook our heads at this, at the pastor letting it go so quickly, and incidentally this was the same church that the assoc. pastor would drive out to the red light district every Sunday morning and load up his SUV with prostitutes and bring them into church. He promised them food and such if they would stay. Now he brought in about ten or so every week and with a congregation of 17 on any given week, well needless to say, it was quite uncomfortable to stay there. We left soon after…


  5. Very good videos and very pertinent !!! What tragic deception exists in Charismatic circles !!!! I wish there were more confrontational Dereks & Shellys out there !!!


  6. @ revival&reformation: no doubt having prostitutes in church makes one uncomfortable, but as Christians, we’re not called to be comfortable….we’re called to die to ourselves and to reach out to the lost—to, in short,***gasp***sinners! I applaud that pastor for at least making an effort to reach out to those prostitutes. How sad that too many churches these days are so comfortable in their white-washed, “safe,” middle-class bubble and illusion of piety, that they can’t stand to “dirty their hands” in reaching out to the ones who need Christ so, so desperately.

    Not to get off on too much of a tangent, but I’d encourage you to read an article entitled “Some Thoughts on Labels and Bible Passages That Are Used as Road Blocks,” written by Chris Rosebrough here:

    He hits the nail on the head and says things much more eloquently than I ever could. May we not, in our zeal for discernment, become so puritanical that we turn a blind eye to those who make us “uncomfortable.” They are the very ones who need the Gospel!

    Just some thoughts. God bless…


  7. R&R…what I took away from your comment was, #1 why didn’t the pastor KNOW where the song originated, if in fact it did originate that way, and #2 why didn’t he know beforehand what they were planning to sing/do!?
    Shame on him!


  8. r&r:
    if the assoc. pastor’s only intent for bringing the prostitutes into the worship service was to feed them [and possibly boost attendance?], he was acting on a wrong motive. They needed to hear the Gospel as well. If these ladies had come to the worship service on their own, broken over sin and seeking Christ, then yes, they should be ‘fed’. Church services are for believers as we gather to worship our God and hear His word; unbelievers have no desire to do either of these. We should never drag unbelievers into church with luring tactics such as the one used by this pastor. If unbelievers do come to church w/o being enticed, by all means, welcome them. This isn’t to say the prostitutes should not have been welcomed, yes they should be…BUT, the ‘method’ used was wrongly motivated…they should have been fed physically, then spiritually.



  9. I nearly wet myself when the “prophet-apostle” began to dance, wiggle and shimmy toward the end of his…”prophetic word.” It was then I recognized the mustachioed “man of God” to be none other than music megastar George Michael! Seems the beleaguered pop icon has found Jaaayzus and set up shop – so to speak – as an anointed instrument of blessing. Lends new depths of meaning to “blue-eyed soul,” eh? Indeed, “I gotta have faith-a, faith-a, faith-ah!” LOL


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