A video for Nikki.

In response to Chuck Smith’s worldly and utterly unbiblical counsel to Nikki, I offer this video of baby Elliot who (according to doctors) wasn’t supposed to make it to birth. I pray that this video finds its way to Nikki before it’s too late.

First posted on DefCon on July 7, 2008

2 thoughts on “A video for Nikki.

  1. Our hearts are so greived to hear of the unbiblical counsel given to this precious couple. Our entire church will be praying for Nikki and her husband as we join with you in support of God’s counsel over the counsel of the ungodly.
    Marcie and Ron
    Calvary Chapel
    Portsmouth, England


  2. I am praying for this to find its way to Nikki from Riverside…read Psalm 1 and know that you will be blessed to be the mother of these babies for as long as you can, even if that is just a few minutes. God doesn’t promise that we will be free from pain and trial in this life, but He does promise that He will be right there, strengthening us, and holding us as we go through the pain and trials. You will not be alone, Nikki, and you have a host of brothers and sisters praying that you will not heed the counsel of the ungodly!


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