Get good books into the hands of African pastors.

Want to help get doctrinally sound theology books into the hands of pastors in Africa? Here are two ways:

1). There’s the Portuguese Adopt a Pastor program for Mozambique, Africa (along with video introduction) here.

2). You can also support indigenous pastors in Liberia, Africa with books and other resources and learn more about the work of Village Church Planters by visiting their website here.

Not only are they desperate for help in sound doctrinal teaching, and not only are they in a spiritual battle against native pagan religions and the spread of Islam, but they also have the proliferation of cults to tend with (for more on cults in Africa see the Africa Center for Apologetics Research). These pastors are poor and can’t afford to attend the conferences that pastors in the West attend, nor can they afford to purchase the theological books that line our bookshelves and that we take for granted.

Will you consider helping the saints today?

5 thoughts on “Get good books into the hands of African pastors.

  1. The Pilgrim,

    Thank you for another introduction to Village Church Planters in Liberia, West Africa. Some of our readers have been very gracious and used by the Lord to provide a few books for some of the pastors. These have been well received, but they long for more. The books being sent over are read and re-read, and then passed to another pastor whose entire library may consist of just his Bible.


  2. Thank you for these links, Pilgrim. These pastors, indeed all our brethren in third world countries, need our earnest prayers and support. How they surely need good materials for education, not just regarding the cults and established false religions, but apologetical resources regarding Emerging philosophies as well. It would do us well to put ourselves in their place, and consider what we would need for ministry.


  3. I am a Cameroonian pastor pleading for free books to help me and people in this part of the world

    First Baptist Church Ndu
    P O Box 44 Ndu
    North West Region


  4. Beloved, Shalom! Grace and mercy be multiplied unto you in Jesus name. I need the help of your organization to give us books to help us in training those who are coming into the ministry at our school. Vision for the future Bible Training Institute. Poverty has pushed several pastors here to teach all sorts of heresy just to get money by all means. We have the vision of raising a new set of leaders who are biblically and theologically sound. We will deeply appreciate recieving favourable reply from you. Thanks and God bless you. Yours in Christ, Pastor Moses Odunoye Olutayo


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