Apologizing for believing a lie.

According to this article, an African pastor has apologized for believing and furthering Harold Camping’s false prophecy:

A pastor in Kasese District, who claimed the world would end on May 21, has apologised to residents. Pastor Isaac Muhindo, who has since early last year been moving around the district, spreading his doomsday massage, [sic] said he was ashamed of his act.

“I want to apologise to the people of Kasese and whoever heard my messages about the end of the world. I am very sorry for the inconveniences because I followed false prophets,” Pastor Muhindo said on Wednesday in his message sent to the media.

Many people in the district and the country at large spent the whole of Saturday waiting for the end of the world as presumed by Pastor Herold Camping, a California-based evangelist.

Camping’s followers had told people that at 6pm there would be an earthquake that would cause the world to end and usher in Judgment Day.

Pastor Muhindo said: “I am ready to go back to my church and repent for misleading the people of God and I am now going to follow the scriptures seriously without wrong interpretations.”

Last year, Pastor Muhindo was denied airtime at most local radio stations in Kasese to preach his alleged end of the world on May 21.

Panic gripped some people in Kasese after the predicted doomsday was characterised by a heavy downpour that started at 2pm and ended after 7pm.

Ms Gertrude Masika, a shopkeeper in Kasese town, said she did not open her shop on May 21 out of fear that the world would end.

“I thought even customers could not come on that day and I decided to remain home because customers were unlikely to appear as they waited to see the end of the world,” she said.

Sadly, America has exported many of its homegrown cults to places such as Africa, and Harold Camping is no exception.

Thanks to the Africa Center for Apologetics Research for keeping us apprised of this news.

4 thoughts on “Apologizing for believing a lie.

  1. “spreading his doomsday massage”

    Wow, I’d like a doomsday massage 🙂
    If it was my last day on earth, I’d hope to get a full body massage before I get whisked away to heaven.


  2. I’m with Kameal, a “doomsday massage” sounds like the Ultimate Weapon for a comedic sci-fi film Arch Villian.

    [Cue Arch Villian with British accent.]

    “I, Lord Aromatherapy, will render the galaxy strangely refreshed and relaxed until they are too limber to resist my ascension to the Imperial Jasmine Throne! No one will be able stand in my way on the day that their musculo-skeletal responses are incapacitated by my “Ultimate Weapon “, the dreaded Doomsday Massage!!!!

    [Cut to incessant hand-wringing.]
    [Cue maniacal laugher.]


    [Fade to black.]
    [And cut!]
    That’s a wrap folks, take ten!

    But on a more serious note, at least the guy apologized as opposed to doubling down.


  3. I added the [sic].


    This is a good thing, though. It means that someone out there is actually reading (and carefully I might add) what I post! That leaves me with a feeling almost as good as the expectation of a final doomsday massage.



  4. It’s too bad Mr. Camping doesn’t follow this pastor’s example, humble himself and apologize for all the damage he’s done.
    Perhaps he’s too busy making more calculations…


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