Building bridges.

Go into all the world and build bridges?

3 thoughts on “Building bridges.

  1. Rick Warren shows he knows NOTHING of the Bible in less than three minutes! The lesson from John 8 (note: “America’s Pastor” said nothing about the fact that this story is likely a later addition to John’s Gospel) about the woman caught in adultery is NOT about Jesus accepting her even though He disagreed with her life style. He is rebuking the pharisees for their self righteousness. This is so elementary that for “America’s Pastor” to miss it – well, it doesn’t surprise me, but it it’s disgusting so many support this man and some think he is “doctrinally sound”. His teaching is poison!


  2. Manfred, I caught the same with the woman, also when he gives statistics about divorce and living the same as the world he doesn’t know there is a difference between the visible church and true Christians the elect, he just lumps everyone together. You haven’t got a clue Rick what you are talking about!!!!


  3. I’ll just qualify this by saying that, yes, Warren’s teachings are errant–sometimes blatantly heretical–and I don’t think we should be endorsing him.

    That said, I can’t see anything faulty with the statement that we should “build bridges” with people in the context of working together with them on issues which are not specifically related to the gospel. He gives the example of AIDS work; I cannot see any reason why working with an atheist or a homosexual in an effort to fight AIDS would be wrong. I didn’t hear him–in this clip, anyway–make any connection between the actual purpose of the gospel and “building bridges”, and he didn’t re-define discipleship–at least not in this clip–as “building bridges”. He just said something which I think is both obvious and universally accepted: that we should build bridges with people when pursuing a common goal. I don’t see how this is any different than playing rugby with an atheist, developing software with a Muslim, or campaigning for the March of Dimes with a homosexual.

    I also don’t see much of a point in criticizing the fact that he didn’t mention that John 8 might be a late addition to the Gospel. I don’t think most Godly pastors would mention that when making a passing reference to the passage, and I’d venture to guess that a great many true men of God hold the passage as the inspired Word of God.

    I’m all for criticizing Warren–for his chameleon-like personality, for his integration of New Age gurus into his services, for his reimagining of the church as a place for non-believers to be entertained, and more… but let’s be fair.

    What I did take issue with in this clip was that he falsely equated unconverted, unregenerate church-goers with truly born again Christians, and made the heretical claim that a person can be a Christian and live exactly like a heathen.


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