Quotes (895)

[Jonah] was exceedingly displeased and even very angry (Jonah 4:1) because Nineveh had been spared from destruction. Jonah was far more deeply concerned with the fate of a single plant than he was with perhaps a million or more never-dying souls who had just turned to the living and true God.

What a lesson for us today. How many of us are far more deeply concerned over our gardens and our clothes, our houses and our businesses, our cars and our gadgets, than we are with the millions of perishing–yet never-dying–souls all around us. How many of us are “exceeding[ly] glad” for something that adds a little more to our own comfort and ease and luxury, but we are utterly unconscious and without a care or a thought as to whether there is joy, exceeding joy, in Heaven over one sinner who repents (Luke 15:10).

Furthermore, like Jonah, we are “exceedingly displeased” and even “angry” if anything happens to disturb our comfort and upset the course of our day. The unsaved in their blindness may bow down to wood and stone, for all we care, provided the worms do not get into our gourds and the hot east wind does not blow upon us.

– G. C. Willis

3 thoughts on “Quotes (895)

  1. Three accounts in the Bible will always make me alert, if not uncomfortable. They are of Jonah, of the Prodigal Son and of Job. To some degree, I’ve walked in all of their shoes. I can say that Hollywood couldn’t write a script like my life. Yet, for all of the events and turning points, I see that I could have avoided a lot of turmoil and hardship. The upside is that I know now, what I know now.


  2. Good post. Jonah rarely gets looked at rightly – he does reveal much in the life of man. It is good for a saint to be provoked to examine himself.

    Let us go outside the gates, joyfully boasting of the risen Christ!


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