Is a collapse coming?

I consider the subject of economics to be as fascinating as watching paint dry or watching a round of golf, but recently I’ve taken notice of an economic storm brewing on the horizon of our nation that is getting very little attention and very few seem to be talking about, even though it will affect every single American and the way we live.

You simply cannot pay off trillions of dollars in debt by printing more money without drastic ramifications, and these ramifications could very well be the collapse of the American dollar resulting in this nation plummeting into Third-world status overnight.

Here are just a few of the headlines I’ve taken from the Drudge Report over the past month; headlines that are often glossed over because we’ve  been distracted with the Casey Anthony murder trial, the war in Iraq, American Idol, and our sports:

Dollar losing global reserve status

China: USA’s Already Defaulting

China Warns on Risks of Dollar Holdings...

PAPER: Global order fractures as US power declines...

Carville: 2012 could be 'very rough'; Civil unrest 'imminently possible'...

PAPER: USA has record $61.6 TRILLION in unfunded obligations; $534,000 per household...

Daily economic briefings disappear from Obama's White House schedule...

REPORT: Gold headed for $5K an ounce...

Housing Crisis Now Worse Than Great Depression...

IMF cuts U.S. growth forecast, warns of crisis...

Trades reveal China shift from dollar

There’s no doubt that we are on the brink of total economic collapse, but this collapse can be brought on even faster if China or OPEC stops accepting the American dollar as the global reserve, or if we suffer another terrorist attack like 9/11, or if a devastating earthquake hits a major metropolitan area like Seattle, San Francisco, or Los Angeles. When the dollar finally loses its status in the global market we will see the end of our American way of life virtually overnight.

As Christians, our hope and trust is not in politics, economics, money, might, armies, presidents, or kings, but with our nation facing inevitable financial collapse it may be wise and prudent for us to prepare to be able to take care of our families, friends, neighbors, and even strangers if/when this event takes place. If a foreign entity moves in after our collapse, will we be ready to face the possible outlawing of Christianity and the fierce persecution that could come with it?

We need to be prepared to boldly proclaim the gospel to a mass of people who will be dumbfounded at what just took place; a nation of people who never thought they’d see empty grocery store shelves and never imagined that clean drinking water would ever stop flowing from their taps.

An event such as the total collapse of the U.S. economy will cause many to turn away from the false idols that have consumed their lives for so long, but will you and I be ready to point them to the One who can reconcile them to God, or will we be too preoccupied with finding food and water?

We must not keep our head in the sand and expect that our way of life will continue, it simply can’t. Democracies have a shelf-life, and God will not allow us to continue as a nation in our current ways forever. 

Here are just a few videos (there are many more out there) to help you better understand what is likely about to happen. You can do more research for yourself via the internet, and I encourage you to do so.

A dramatization of what could happen very soon in this nation:

How quickly we can run out of food:

More information on our precarious economy in light of Japan’s economic status:

Go to the ant, O sluggard, Observe her ways and be wise, Which, having no chief, Officer or ruler, Prepares her food in the summer And gathers her provision in the harvest. Proverbs 6:6-8

27 thoughts on “Is a collapse coming?

  1. I, actually, believe that many *are* aware of this. Despite the fact that Glenn Beck is a mormon, he has been saying this and opening millions of eyes for quite some time now. The problem is, other than praying and making sure my family is out of debt (which we are), and being prepared (we have a large garden and do lots of canning etc). I don’t see what else we can do as individuals. Most of the folks in Washington don’t listen.


  2. The only problem with having food stored up is that you will have to defend it against all of those that don’t have it. Desperate people will do desperate things and compound that with the depravity of human beings. It will be interesting to see what all takes place in the future. If the dollar does collapse and we are turned into a third world country at least I won’t have to pay back Sallie Mae.


  3. As a Christian, it would be my intent to share what I have, as much as I can. I think if we all pulled together during a crisis…with help from God, we could be okay (but *only* with God’s blessing).


  4. @ Katy:

    Don’t know what Beck has been warning about, stopped listening to talk radio and the likes years ago. Now only if Beck, who is apparently astute enough to look at the evidence to see what’s coming down the pike, would apply that same standard to the past and see the falsehood of Mormonism, he’d be much better off.

    @ Holly:

    I dunno anything about that.

    The dire warnings about the dollar’s demise are coming from numerous sources. If one of those sources is a questionable entity, then simply dismiss them, but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, check out what economists are predicting from other sources.


  5. God’s wrath and judgment is just as sure as His mercy and long-suffering.

    He will purify His church, purging the chaff with unquenchable fire, and presenting her without spot, or blemish, or any such thing to the praise of His glory.

    I believe it was brother Washer who said there are only two things that will help the modern American church, Holy Spirit revival or unspeakable persecution.

    Perhaps we’ll see both, if the Lord wills.

    In Him,


  6. I don’t know if they are right on all their statistics and economics, but I know how fast grocery stores can empty having lived in Florida when we ran out of hurricane names. After hurricane Charley fist fights were breaking out at the few laundry mats with water. It is alarming how big multi-pump gas gardens can be pumped dry in a few hours. I’ve endured the hurricane hysteria, and it’s not pretty. The difficult thing is that this kind of thing hits the elderly and the poor the hardest (the groups the government purports to protect). The one thing those videos didn’t mention – – – scripture. The whole western world is in economic distress – – – optimum time for satan’s superman, the man of sin to come to the scene and with unprecedented brilliance and charm say. “I can navigate you through this difficulty. . . . . just follow me”. Yes, we should be wise and astute with our money. Maybe a vegetable patch in the backyard, but ultimately we need to be preaching the gospel for “no man knows the day or the hour”.


  7. We certainly are living in perilous times. Not only are we in an economic crisis, but we have been in great moral decline since the 70’s. The government won’t save us, that is for sure. Now is the time that we must fall to our knees daily and worship our Savior and pray that we will be counted worthy to escape the wrath to come. We must pray without ceasing and share the only message of hope for mankind….The Gospel


  8. Pilgrim, I saw the second news story concerning the China rating agency. Like you, I do hope we are paying attention and being watchful, prayerful, and in His word. Something is coming…


  9. Ask your pastors…sheeple! 🙂

    The Lord is my Pastor, and I shall not want! But you should know that $1.4 quadrillion in global toxic derivitives collapsing all at once, soon, will be the closest thing yet to Babylon the Great has fallen has fallen!…in one hour!

    Bet you didn’t know I work in the Financial Services (not the bankster end) industry and may be able to answer some of your questions and address some of your concerns. I have been “preaching and preping ” my clients for this since 2,000. Oh and it had nothing to do with the silly Y2K scare back then either.


    Corem Deo you are spot on, Pilgrim the virgins both wise and foolish are fast asleep. The majority of the clergy are blind to all of this as well.
    Now folks will understans how evil the global warming crowd is too as they helped topple things in an effort to replace the U.S. Petro dollar with carbon credits. Any of you got carbon credits? Yes the money changers are doing what they have always done. Your dollar has been assetless since 1914 folks it is pure debt based and must always increase to work…till it can’t.
    Start your research here:

    I have warned of this for years, even on this site, finally folks are beginning to listen…a little.

    There is a lot of dis-illusion that needs to occur, because the world is illusioned!


    If you prefer movies, how about the Wizard of Oz? Oz equals Ounces…


  10. Hereis a short one for those who won’t take the time to listen to the long ones, which will really educate you IF you want to be.


  11. Thanks Mickey Merrie. I’ve believed for a LOOONG time that the dollar will crash. Common sense would be to compare our own lives when we are in debt. Banks would not let us borrow more money when we cannot pay for the bills we already have accumulated above and beyond our means and the same applies to the government with our financial debt of this nation. To me for them to just print more money is criminal..

    What do you think of this video? this guy recommends silver instead of gold

    I don’t know how to put videos on here so I’ll just have to post the link

    thanks for your wisdom and sharing with us Mickey~


  12. You did it Linda! I am already aware of the video and tend to agree with him. Our legislators are hpoing to stretch this out as long as they can, hoping also to bring Gull Island and a new pipeline down from there in Alaska as well as the fracking and shale gas/oil online quickly enough to keep our gas/oil prices in control creating a business boon. We are on a razors edge, this cutting edge hope is also a bleeding edge, as we could fall off either side quickly. One side leads to hyper-inflation as the trust in money degrades. The other side is deflation as the money supply is collapsed leading to no money to spend even as costs fall, but the debt load crushes folks as they can’t pay…Think housing crash, but in all debt. (Pastor’s low rate on the huge building debt wasn’t such a God thing after all. Members better read the covenants they signed!)
    Did you look at my prior post with the 2 long videos, about 3 hours worth in total. Well worth the watching. God says gold is good in Genesis and He loves an honest scale, plus they won’t toss their gold and silver into the streets as worthless till the very end, thus it will be good till near the very end! It has always been a store of value. One oz. of gold has always bought a man a good tailored suit and shoes. Whether it is today, or a Roman Tunic and sandels. A silver quarter bought over a gallon of gas in 1964, the last year of actual silver coins @ 90% silver…It will still buy over a gallon of gas today!
    In 1934 FDR forced folks to sell their gold to the government at $25 an ounce. Once it all came in (all that folks foolishly sold) the price went to about $37 an ounce thus they lost about 50%…Soon you will see American 401K’s be forced to buy US Treasuries perhaps, as they know what we own from the annual 5498 reporting documents…It will be the same result for folks now as it was in 1934. The US dollar will be perhaps devalued overnight after a bank holiday, also like 1934 which also means about a 50% loss. Bank holidays and devaluation have happened continuously around the world even in our lifetimes.


  13. Thanks Mickey..No I haven’t watched the other videos. I’ll try and watch the other videos when I have more time over the weekend.


  14. Too bad then for all those with continuous serious medical conditions that place them in catastrophic medical debt that far exceeds their incomes and have no other choice but to max their credit cards, and/or take out huge loans with their homes attached as collateral. Or for the elderly with small fixed incomes who are scratching to buy food and medication with things as they are now. Or for the single parent who can barely make ends meet as it is. There’s absolutely NOTHING they can do to protect themselves from a collapse.

    So where is our faith, especially in light of Phil. 4:19, Ps. 23:1, Matt. 6:25-32, Ps. 111:5…?


  15. RS you’re right that there’s no guarantee of things going well on this earth. BUT,,,we know that those who are trusting in Christ even if their debt is insurmountable,, GOD owns EVERYTHING. They are not in debt to the Lord. Many probably WILL die without the medical attention they need. That’s why it is so vital that people who are not trusting in Christ –who are not saved ARE saved regardless.
    We have to be reminded of what Jesus said, –Mat 6:25 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes?

    again I repeat the most important truth in this statement “Is not LIFE more important than FOOD, and the BODY more important than clothes?”—YESSS, we will do well to loosen our grip off of this world and cling onto Jesus Christ our Solid ROCK and firm foundation …


  16. Agreed, Linda. The Lord is the One Who provides our needs no matter what the economic condition of the country or the world. Two foolish extremes are: A) Freaking out that a collapse is coming, and B) Ignoring a potential coming collapse.

    It is a matter of wisdom and prudence to do what we can to prepare for a potential economic collapse. Yet all the while having the full assurance that no matter what happens, God will still meet all of our needs. And this is a particular comfort for those I mentioned above who are totally unable to do anything about it. If we are His children, He will provide, in accordance with His Word.


  17. Interesting topic.

    I, too, believe an economic collapse is not far away. The proverbial “black clouds” are gathering in the not-too-distant horizon. In my opinion, it all hinges upon entitlements. They are killing us! When approximately half the able-bodied are indolent (i.e. choose not to work), the other half is forced (at least in today’s system) to provide “relief” for them. This is a cancer!

    A book dealing with this subject, and one I’d highly recommend is called “The Tragedy of American Compassion” by Dr. Marvin Olasky. It’s written from a noticed Reformed perspective, and is “dead on.” It’s really a history book, and if we don’t learn from the lessons from those of us before, then shame on us.



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