Sermon of the week: “Dangers of Calvinism – The Danger of Pride” by John Scheffer.

Someone was finally bold enough to address one of the greatest causes for people to reject the Doctrines of Grace: proud, combative, and caustic Calvinists. John Scheffer boldly goes where few will dare in his candid message Dangers of Calvinism: The Danger of Pride.

7 thoughts on “Sermon of the week: “Dangers of Calvinism – The Danger of Pride” by John Scheffer.

  1. I haven’t listened to this message, but clearly – anyone who understands the doctrines of grace (known as Calvinism) knows he has NO basis for pride or personal accomplishment in the Great Exchange. We ought be humbled by the knowledge that God, in His mercy and predetermined plan, chose us sinful people to Himself. Where is the boasting? It is in Christ alone!


  2. If God is Sovereign and in control of every aspect of your life, why can’t you be consistant Calvinists? Why do you struggle with sin? Why are you listening to this to try to improve your Christian walk? Because you are a sinner with a free will. Armenians pray for peoples souls because there is a spiritual war going on for them.


  3. Scott – Even Christians who believe in the doctrines of grace commonly called Calvinism struggle with sin. Contrary to John Wesley’s teaching, no person matures to perfection while in this sinful flesh. BTW – it’s good to know people in Armenia pray for people’s souls – I betcha Arminians do so as well 🙂 Those Arminians pray just like Calvinists – petitioning almighty God to reach down and save someone – because both know the person cannot save himself.

    Here’s an excerpt from a Spurgeon sermon dealing with this:

    Excerpt from Spurgeon’s Sermon: Free Will- A Slave
    The Prayer of the Arminian

    …Any one who believes that man’s will is entirely free, and that he can be saved by it, does not believe the fall…

    But I tell you what will be the best proof of that; it is the great fact that you never did meet a Christian in your life who ever said he came to Christ without Christ coming to him. You have heard a great many Arminian sermons, I dare say; but you never heard an Arminian prayer – for the saints in prayer appear as one in word, and deed and mind. An Arminian on his knees would pray desperately like a Calvinist. He cannot pray about free-will: there is no room for it. Fancy him praying,

    “Lord, I thank thee I am not like those poor presumptuous Calvinists Lord, I was born with a glorious free-will; I was born with power by which I can turn to thee of myself; I have improved my grace. If everybody had done the same with their grace that I have, they might all have been saved. Lord, I know thou dost not make us willing if we are not willing ourselves. Thou givest grace to everybody; some do not improve it, but I do. There are many that will go to hell as much bought with the blood of Christ as I was; they had as much of the Holy Ghost given to them; they had as good a chance, and were as much blessed as I am. It was not thy grace that made us to differ; I know it did a great deal, still I turned the point; I made use of what was given me, and others did not-that is the difference between me and them.”

    That is a prayer for the devil, for nobody else would offer such a prayer as that. Ah! when they are preaching and talking very slowly, there may be wrong doctrine; but when they come to pray, the true thing slips out; they cannot help it. If a man talks very slowly, he may speak in a fine manner; but when he comes to talk fast, the old brogue of his country, where he was born, slips out. I ask you again, did you ever meet a Christian man who said, “I came to Christ without the power of the Spirit?” If you ever did meet such a man, you need have no hesitation in saying, “My dear sir, I quite believe it-and I believe you went away again without the power of the Spirit, and that you know nothing about the matter, and are in the gall of bitterness and the bond of iniquity.” Do I hear one Christian man saying, “I sought Jesus before he sought me; I went to the Spirit, and the Spirit did not come to me”? No, beloved; we are obliged, each one of us, to put our hands to our hearts and say-

    “Grace taught my soul to pray,
    And made my eyes to o’erflow;
    ‘Twas grace that kept me to this day,
    And will not let me go.”


  4. I’ll bet there would be more 4 point Calvinists if Dutch national flower was a rose. Wish more people could see the forest through the flowers and quit this pointless, stupid, DUMB, DUMB, DUMB, DUMB, DUMB debate and quit poisoning Christianity with it. We are sinners and helpless to save ourselves. Whoever believes in Christ will be saved. Therefore knowing this, we plead with men to be reconciled to God, for His Judgement will come to all. Nuff said.


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