The great lie: Arbeit Macht Frei.

The sign that greeted the doomed souls who entered the Auschwitz prison camp in Poland during WWII read: Arbeit Macht Frei. Translated into English it simply said, “Work Brings Freedom.”

It was a lie.

The “work” that was done by the prisoners in the infamous Nazi concentration camp only led to death. There was never a legitimate expectation of freedom even though many of them probably clung to the hope of liberation thanks to the sign that told them so. In reality, the only fate the multitudes who entered the camp faced–passing under the sign that whispered the lie–was abuse, torture, starvation, and death . . . anything but freedom.

Just as this lie preceded the physical death of thousands of Adolf Hitler’s victims, this same lie precedes the spiritual death of billions of Romanism’s victims, Joseph Smith’s victims, Charles Taze Russell’s victims, Buddha’s victims, Mary Bakker Eddy’s victims, Ellen G. White’s victims, Mohammed’s victims (and the list goes on and on).

The lie Arbeit Macht Frei was not only found displayed on a metal sign above the entrance to the death camp, this lie is also found in the pages of religious books and on the tongues of religious leaders who bid you come as they crowd the entrance to the broad path that leads to Hell.

Most people on this earth trust their eternal destiny to a religion that could rightly post this same sign above the door where they worship. Just as Work Brings Freedom was a lie to those entering Auschwitz, so it is also a lie to those entering countless churches, mosques, temples, and synagogues around the world. Just as this lie assisted in facilitating the Nazi prisoners’ temporal extermination on earth, this same lie results in man’s eternal destruction in the Lake of Fire.

And this is what sets biblical Christianity apart from all other faiths in the world that are vying for your affections, all of which promise you something they can never deliver.

What they claim you can achieve by your diligence to codes, laws, and much hard work in their respective religious systems, Jesus Christ offers as a free gift (Ephesians 2:8-9)!

In fact, Christianity is the only faith in the world that promises forgiveness of sins and right standing before God based solely on what Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross for us (1 Peter 2:24) and not what we have done for Him (Isaiah 64:6).

And Christianity is not neutral about those who try to work for their righteousness. The Bible makes it very clear that if you try to earn your salvation and God’s forgiveness by your work (following the law and performing good deeds), then you don’t have God’s grace, you are under a curse, and you are cut off from Jesus Christ (Galatians 3:10, Galatians 5:4) who is the only One who can save you (John 14:6, Acts 4:12).

If you’re going to attempt to earn your salvation then you must first believe that Christ’s sacrifice was insufficient to fully and completely save you without your contribution; otherwise you would be resting solely in His accomplished work, not His work and yours. To believe that you can become righteous, by working toward your liberation from sin and the wrath to come, is to suggest that Christ died in vain (Galatians 2:21).

It’s as if there was a man in the death camp offering a key to the gate to any of the prisoners, yet they ignored him, electing to instead work harder and harder for their own freedom (as the sign suggested). In the end the man with the key was their only hope, but they chose to attempt liberation on their own, foregoing their only means of escaping the horror to come.

There is another sign that could be hung over the doorway of Hell that would greet all those entering its abyss from the various paths of false religion: Vernichtung Durch Arbeit. In English it simply means “Destruction Through Work.”

You have been severed from Christ, you who are seeking to be justified by law; you have fallen from grace.” Galatians 5:4

18 thoughts on “The great lie: Arbeit Macht Frei.

  1. Six years ago, I took my family to Europe and that Dachau was one of our stops. The same sign hangs there, telling the same lie: to Jew and Gentile, in this life and the next.

    Most excellent contrast between temporal and spiritual, Pilgrim.


  2. Thank You for writing about the Aushwitz camp,the lying sign,while many refute that not only Jews died there as well as many other camps, but other Faiths or humans not “correct” for the Nazis were also.
    My Father’s Father lost 10 siblings as well as his Parents there so I know first hand as well as many people I know and meet who survived,Thank G-D.

    I would comment though on saying as MOST religions do that “This is the only true and righteous way to the Lord”.
    We religious Jews don’t believe that Gentiles must convert to our Belief. We actually try to persuade Christians or Moslems who ask to convert to look into their own faiths,gain strength by asking of it from the Lord and serve Him as you are.
    Why don’t we attempt to mass convert or even to singly convert a person to Judaism? We know that each human,animal,plant,mineral object in the universe serves the Lord in its own way.
    You are Gentile? You have a Gentile make up,a Gentile soul? Serve G-D in this way and this is perfect.
    What you wrote of non-accepters of Jesus Christ would be true if we Jews had the exact same soul as Christian True Believers,but we don’t. Our soul is essentially Jewish,has a different make-up, is Chosen,but NOT better. Not at all better,rather much worse if we don’t Serve the Lord in the Jewish way by doing not only the “7 Noahide Commandments ” pertaining to Gentiles, or just the 10 commandments, but we must do all 613 Commandments. And its not enough for Jews to fullfil all 613 Commandments in action, but also they must be fulfilled in the heart and in the mind, but especially the heart as its written “Serve the Lordwith Joy” and “In ALL your ways know Him”. Our very soul is of these 613 strands of one great rope
    (as one unity) and each of the 613 Commandments when done effects that part of our soul. If not done,or we only did it in action but left out the service of the heart,it is lacking or by sining,we ourselves cause one strand of the rope to be cut. If we return to the Lord in Truth especially and then do this Commandment,we might be able to have the broken strand re-tied.

    I totally accept and understand what you wrote about True Christians not having to do all the things that you mentioned in your post the laws,rituals,etc. and I must have caused you a few chuckles along the way of my explaination.
    You are right, our way is NOT for you,YOUR Christian Faith will be your salvation but it doesn’t mean that its right for a Jewish soul.Besides,salvation and Serving G-D are 2 separate things.We are here to Serve G-D,what I might recieve or not,or punishment for undue service is in the Lord’s hands. Its not even in my mind.
    This you cannot know. Your way is Truth and by ours as Jews being also a parallel Truth does not make your Faith wrong. No. We can’t compare two ways of Serving The Infinite One G-D. Just as He has many messengers to do his will,so he has Gentiles and He has Jews.
    But as I imagine you might not agree, and that in a nutshell is what caused and causes hate against all Jews. If there is only one way,than there is no separate path.
    But even in my own Jewish faith each person has its soul which was brought down to this earth and universe in this specific time,and place,to specific parents and has its specific general and singular missions. Why else would a Good Lord bring a baby to be born and die in its crib of no “cause” but sudden crib death? That soul came on its mission to serve 2,3,4 months and return to its Maker. Accept a certain religion? What at age 90 days old? Maybe (I’m not G-D)
    this soul came here and with its body did its first and only Commandment by having someone else do the Commandment of Circumscion at 8 days for him. As far as I know,all Jews in Bethleham and Nazareth have always been circumscized. Without that a Jewish male must have the Commandment done as his responsibility.
    Yet, we don’t ask Christians to do this, its not one of the “7 Noah-ide Commandments” for Gentiles.
    We are Chosen,only us, to do the 613 Commandments in total,while its enough for the Gentiles to keep the “7 Noah-ide Commandments”. When Jews do not, not only are we still Chosen,but we make ourselves lower than we are,if most of us do not serve,or even those serving the Lord are lying,then we are very,very low and we will be given our punishment while yet in this world,and the next.
    But the best path is doing the Commandments only with belief,and joy in Serving the Commander of the Commandments.
    What is the very first Commandment of the 613? The same as the Ten Commandments which says as it says in Hebrew the Holy language of G-D in which He Created all :
    “I am, Y-H-V-H your G-D” Y-H-V-H is The Infinite One and Only Entity,
    your G-D is The Lord who asks of Jews and Gentiles to Serve Him. (Him is masculine and already showing that Infinity dwelling in this world is a hiding of His Infinite Divine Lightin which He asks of us to be partners with Him to reveal the essential Light of Infinity here in this dark world.)
    Christians Light up the world where there is darkness by accepting Messiah and Jews do this Lighting by fulfilling all 613 Commandments. 2 separate missions.We also will accept and greet Messiah when this is completed. Its an original Jewish and “Cardinal” concept of our belief from the time of Jacob.
    G-D Bless You from the Holy Land


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  4. @ Everyone:
    Thank you all for your comments. I got the idea over a year ago after reading a National Geographic magazine on the infamous death camp. It just took me a long time to write (and edit, and edit, and edit, and edit, and edit) then publish.

    @ Nachliel:
    Thank you for your words, my friend, but I must ask you one thing. In light of everything that you wrote, what do you do with Yeshua Hamashiach?


  5. Pilgrim, great post. There are huge parallels here for sure. Sadly a large contingency of Sunday morning protestant church attendees are in this same boat…working for their freedom. We need to keep preaching the free grace or our Lord through faith. Keep it up.


  6. Nachliel,
    My heart was crying as I read your post. As much as is in my ability to understand what you said that I do. Doubtless, I have missed more that I caught. In the writings for Christians which includes the “Old Testament” – Moses, Prophets, and Psalms- and the New Testament containing the history of some of the life of Jesus, the history of the early church and letters to various churches and individuals we find many references to Messiah in the “Old Testament” most especially that found in Isaiah chapters 52 & 53. Here Isaiah speaks of Messiah that was given up to be killed by His own brethren-the Jewish residents of Jerusalem. The physical suffering that He endured was likely more than any human could bear (52:14 and most of 53). Since He was more than just a human (He was God in human flesh, and equal with His Father-YHVH) He was also appointed to suffer the ultimate punishment. Isaiah 53:5 & 10 tell us that His Father, YHVH, ‘crushed Him’. V.5 says “He was crushed for our iniquites” and v.10 “Yet it pleased the Lord (YHVH) to crush Him; He has put Him to grief. When you make His soul an offering for sin.” In the New Testament we find a similar accounting of the death of Jesus in II Corinthians 5:21: “For He (YHVH) made Him (Messiah, Jesus) who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God (YHVH) in Him (Messiah, Jesus).

    Abraham, beloved Abraham, was so obedient to YHVH that he was willing to offer his son Isaac to YHVH as a sacrifice for sin. But YHVH stopped him before he killed Isaac and provided a ram to take the place of Isaac (Genesis 22). Does not your law state “For the life of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it to you upon the alter to make atonement for your souls; for it is the blood that makes atonement for the soul” Leviticus 17:11. What Abraham did and was halted by YHVH, YHVH completed when He sacrificed, crushed, and made to be sin for us His Son, Jesus Christ.

    “But Christ came as High Priest of good things to come, with the greater and more perfect tabernacle not made with hands, that is, not of this creation. Not with the blood of goats and calves, but with His own blood He entered the Most Holy Place, once for all, having obtained eternal redemption. For if the blood of bulls and goats and the ashes of a heifer, sprinkling the unclean, sanctifies for the purifying of the flesh, how much more shall the blood of Christ, Who through the eternal Spirit offered Himself without spot to God, cleanse your conscience from dead works to serve the living God?” Hebrews 9:11-14. We are eternally cleansed from all our sin solely by the blood of Jesus Christ. Job knew this also “For I know that my Redeemer lives…”. Job’s Redeemer was Messiah, Jesus Christ (Job 19:25), not a system of sacrifices and rituals, or a keeping of a long list of commandments, but a Person, the Son of God (YHVH).

    I would respecfully ask have you fulfilled all 613 commandments and that for your entire life? If not, then how will you atone for your failure(s)? Blood sacrifices have disapperared nearly 2000 years ago along with the Temple. Where does it state in your law that the keeping of these commandments will appease the wrath of YHVH against His chosen ones for their sins. Did He not judge His chosen people over and over for their rebellions? The Old Testament is full of references to YHVH’s Messiah, Jesus Christ. It is my prayer that as you read it that He will open your eyes to understand that Jesus truly is the Christ, YHVH’s Messiah. We will all stand before Him soon enough. Who will plead you case to the Almighty? If you can successfully argue for admission to His heaven, what need have you of Messiah? Why did YHVH crush Him? And better yet, why did YHVH raise Jesus from the dead? It was for our justification. Jesus will plead my case, or I will spend eternity in hell where I belong.


  7. Nachliel –

    You being a jew were given the law but have not kept it. You are condemned by the law of Moses. Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness for your sins. Where is your temple? Where is your high priest?



  8. Nachliel:

    Thank you for your kindness toward we who are Christians (we who believe Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah of Israel, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords). As Bible believers, we believe the children of Israel to this day, are still covenanted with the Lord YHVH, Creator of the Universe (through His promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob), Who will preserve His chosen people, return as their King, and never allow their extermination from the earth. We believe that in His kingdom to come, all 12 Tribes of Israel will be represented (Rev.21:12) in what He symbolically calls His bride and the great city, New Jerusalem. Your books of Moses, those of your Prophets, and the Psalms and Proverbs are, to us, the very words of the Almighty YHVH, Whom we serve. And so every true Christian has this tie with the children of Israel.

    It is not the way of the true Christian to force anyone to believe what we believe. Nor to persecute those who do not believe as we do. Thus we hold that neither the Crusaders, nor the Nazis were truly “Christian”. Nor is anyone truly Christian who persecutes the children of Israel. The way of the true Christian is to live according to what we believe, and to preach what we hold to be the way of eternal life through Jesus Christ, (which we call the Gospel). That eternal life is not found through the working of good deeds to gain the favor of The Almighty, for no amount of good deeds can bridge the gap of separation from Him caused by our sins. That life is not found in doing religious rituals, for no acts on our part can offset our sins which still keep us separated from the Lord. That life is not found in praying for mercy, for our “iniquities have made a separation between you and your G-D, and your sins have hidden his face from you so that he does not hear.” (Is.59:2). That life is not found in being “good” or benevolent, for:

    “G-D looks down from heaven on the children of man to see if there are any who understand, who seek after G-D. They have all fallen away; together they have become corrupt; there is none who does good, not even one.” Ps.53:2-3

    We believe mankind is in a state of eternal separation from YHVH due to his sins against the all-holy, all-pure, all-righteous Lord YHVH. But that the all-merciful YHVH came down, took the form of man in Jesus of Nazareth (of the tribe of Judah, descended from King David, born in Bethlehem, “G-D with us” (Is.7:14)), and sacrificed Himself on a cross in fulfillment of the Scriptures, to pay the penalty of man’s sins against Himself. Then He rose from the dead to live forevermore. Those who repent and follow Jesus (denying their fallen human nature, take up their cross (upon which their old nature is put to death) and follow Him according to His word (both Testaments), will be saved from judgement and receive eternal life. Those who do not will receive the eternal punishment they have brought upon themselves by their own sins.

    This is what the true Christian believes, and thus we believe Jesus is the only way of salvation. It is faith in the salvific work which He alone accomplished for us. And thus, any trust in our own efforts to save ourselves from our sins is futile and a rejection of His work on our behalf. The “work” we do (so to speak), is yielding and submitting ourselves to Him, as His servants on earth. Not to gain His favor, but because we are driven by His Spirit to do those things which are pleasing in His sight.
    Shalom, friend.


  9. Hello Friends in the Lord!
    I have to answer a few of the questions here. Darell asks :”I would respecfully ask have you fulfilled all 613 commandments and that for your entire life? If not, then how will you atone for your failure(s)? ” And FleeBabylon KNOWS I haven’t kept all 613 Commandments .
    fleebabylon says:
    “You being a jew were given the law but have not kept it. You are condemned by the law of Moses”.
    I am happy that you have replied in a kind manner,and as I said before I accept your belief and we know that this is your True Life and Path as a Christian.
    Of course no one can keep all 613 Commandments in only one lifetime.
    But we must attempt to or as I reread earlier in the today as we Jews believe we will be re-incarnated.
    How can I as a man keep the Commandments that ONLY a female must fulfill? Can I have babies?
    Women since Eve brought darkness into the world has the beautiful Commandment of lighting 2 Sabbath candles. Its not a male commandment unless he has no wife or mother.
    Not that Adam didn’t add darkness! For that he has more Commandments to perform. Like wearing the Fringed Garment all day, wrapping Tefillin boxes to his arm and head daily,etc.
    How can I perform the Commandment to set up a King if we have no Temple? I can’t do any of the Temple Commandments without a Temple also.
    Here is a link I read today but have learned from the sources of the Book of Zohar for many years :
    “To Live and Live again”
    The link to the end of days and who will arise is here :
    We accept that Christians have salvation. Since we don’t try to make converts and ask converts who want to convert to look again deeply into Christianity,and you DO NOT HAVE to keep all 613 Commandments how could you reach salvation?
    In the belief you now hold.
    With much respect,

    I forgot,one of our (Thank G-D) 7 offspring who are mostly married young has today arrived in Poland. He will be visiting in Aushvitz tomarrow. He grew up in Israel ,has been to so many of the Holy sites yet it seems that he is very moved already.


  10. Nachliel:

    It seems you’re putting a great deal of trust in the concept that you will be reincarnated in order to continue keeping your commandments. Zohar may teach reincarnation, but where does the Word of the Lord (The Written Torah) teach that man will be reincarnated? I find quite the contrary taught, such as:

    1) ALL the years of Adam through Lamech (as well as Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) are given. Not SOME of their years. Nor that they came back as someone else.
    2) King David speaks of his child who died: “I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me”.
    3) “We must all die; we are like water spilled on the ground, which cannot be gathered up again…” (2Sam.14:14)
    4) There is “a time to be born, and a time to die;” (Eccl.3:2).
    5) “Since his days are determined, and the number of his months is with you, and you have appointed his limits that he cannot pass,” (Job 14:5)
    6) “At that time shall arise Michael, the great prince who has charge of your people. And there shall be a time of trouble, such as never has been since there was a nation till that time. But at that time your people shall be delivered, everyone whose name shall be found written in the book. And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.” (Dan.12:1-2) (Resurrection unto eternal judgment, not reincarnation)

    Nachliel, abundant evidence in the Written Torah indicates men only live once, then will be resurrected for judgment for all eternity. Who ought we put our trust in: Zohar, or the Word of the Lord YHVH?

    Consider this carefully my friend.


  11. Hello,
    6 days ago I spent 7 hours answering all your questions to my own satisfaction. I decided that sending it would take re-reading,editing,more thought and time which I don’t have.Your questions were good.By not sending my answers you will probably say “Oh,he can’t answer these” and its a chance I’ll take. I AM willing to send them to you privately,but the reason I don’t here is simple:
    I came as a guest on a well written Christian blog just to comment on a post I found online while not searching “Christian blogs”. I have too much respect for Christian faith to come here to refute your beliefs. In doing so,I put myself in a position where my own faith (Judaism) or lets say “Re-incarnatin” is questioned.
    In your not believing that the 613 Commandments are explained in Zohar and Zohar was also recieved at Mount Sinai I can’t ask you to believe,just as I don’t accept (but respect) the “The Gospel according to…” and that every word even if true was not misprepresentated or mistranslated or without a group of sages as we do in the Talmud to discuss and explain things might be mis-understood. I am not saying that this is a fact,far from it,I am just doing it in the way you refute Zohar. Actually you have as we do.The Oral Tradition form Jesus and the Written Tradition from the Disciples. I could ask why Judaism and Christianity do not believe that Mohammed’s “recieving” from Gavriel of the Koran is divine,in fact we reject it.
    Being as all 3 monotheistic faiths reject the traditions somewhat or totally of the other two,and lets face it,Judaism is the Father of the next two faiths, any arguement for a believer of an oposite faith is not in order.
    I am willing to edit and send my 7 hours of work and stand behind it.Or you can see the
    book “The Kuzari” written by Rav Yehudah HaLevi which he composed at the height of The Crusades about a hpothetical arguement between Christian,Jewish andd Moslem beliefs.
    The same Rabbi was killed by a turn-the-other-cheek Crusader in Jerusalem most likely for sword practice.
    I’m willing to admit that I was short-sighted when I wrote a reply to the blogger here praising his work, and I didn’t forsee any future arguements.
    I had at one time a 16 month letter exchange with a devout Christian almost daily in which we never argued religion,rather discussed faith.
    As I said before, the same religion which believes that Jews are chosen to do all 613 commandments or be re-incarnated is the same one which refuses to seek out Gentile converts,accepts your religion as good for you as your path in Serving the Lord.This is not a rejection of your faith,rather a Kosher stamp of approval.
    The same Book of Zohar states that
    “No gentile has ever converted to Judaism”, thoufg we have people born into Gentile families who have “converted” to Judaism. Why and how is this?
    The Jewish soul is immortatl and eternal. Sometimes The Infinite One for reasons known to Him has had,like during and after World War 2, Jewish parents,knowing that death at the hand of the Nazis was sure gave babies to christians to raise up.Some Christians did tell the children that the real parents were Jewish and some not. Such a child’s soul might be re-incarnated again for the lack of Commandments during that lifetime. Even if converted to Christianity, the soul is “Chosen” to do 613 Commandments and must be re-incarnated.
    What do we see in the “Convert”?
    He/she was born with a Jewish eternal soul “misplaced” for reasons known to the Lord in order to be in a certain local,time and as a Jewish soul do certain inherent Commandments basically based on faith. From there,this “Jewish” soul will stop at nothing in its way to return to Judaism.Its his soul force,he can’t avoid it. Just as the verse says “The convert who will come to convert” If He is already a convert,why does he need conversion? Simply so that the public will know his essentially Jewish status. A Gentile will never convert to our faith. It doesn’t have the right soul make up to do this, nor do we to convert out of our faith. We may convert to slam,but our soul hasn’t. Our very soul is chosen to do 613 Commandments since the soul has 613 Soul powers and vice-versa as the Lord intended.
    I ask forgiveness for my commenting on this blog,it is a very good one, but as I mentioned,I left the old religion debate’s door open and I in all respect don’t argue religion,rather tend to repect the fact that G-D Created you Christian forHis good reasons,will give you your rewards ad you will NOT burn in Hell if you don’t attempt to convert to my Spiritual Country Club.
    All the best,may belief in the Lord only increase in our time and world.

    If you want the specific answers to your questions,please write to me at


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