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. . . [W]e must restore to the family the responsibility of ministering to youth. In many churches–but by no means all–the purpose of the youth group is founded on premises that are an impediment to the training of godly children. Some of these false premises are: 1) That young people need a place where their problems are understood–where others of the same age share the same struggles; 2) that as it is often difficult for parents to communicate with and understand their teenagers, a youth leader who can identify with the young people is needed; 3) that it is important for young people to have fun and to see that “church people” have fun too; 4) that a youth group is needed to reach unsaved youth, and by getting them involved in fun activities, they will be more receptive to the presentation of the gospel.

Following the trends of secular culture, age-segregated groups have been established in church educational programs. Christopher Schlect, in his book Critique of Modern Youth Ministry, explains that the “divisions breed immaturity because they hinder younger people from associating with and learning from their elders.” The group can become the source of authority, thus diminishing the authority of the father and mother.

– William & Colleen Dedrick

From: The Little Book of Christian Character & Manners

One thought on “Quotes (918)

  1. As does the government schools. When I was in getting my credential in 1972 one of the evil tenets told to us as future teachers in the vile premises of behavior objectives was that we as teachers could not run a classroom well if we did not do all we could to usurp the authority of the parent!

    As we know many a child is heard to deny the parent’s wishes by saying ‘BUT my teacher says !” …..

    This kind of intruding upon God’s charge to fathers to train up their children in order to be a godly seed is nothing short usurping what has been given to fathers.

    Parents surrender their god given responsibility to raise a godly seed and cause their children to regard them as less influential in their upbringing by their tacit endorsement of a government teacher…aka ‘other god’ as worthy to teach and train them!

    Is it any wonder that the perceived parental approval of the many influences that random teachers bring to their children’s lives have brought forth a dis eased crop of youth who respect no one …and their own parents in particular .

    The wicked indoctrination into humanism and Marxism has been going on now for generations …thus the voters are not critical thinkers and easily led to see the Nanny government as their personal supply …while even being led to consider their parents as obstructions to their future benefits! Elders are not honored and having surrendered their children to questionable ungodly training it is not surprising …sad…but not surprising .

    Homeschooling was our ONLY option in the face of the facts that every form of schooling I was involved in proved to demonstrate the truth that parents have as much need of training their own children as the children have to be trained by the parents that ought to love them enough to care about what their children NEED to know from God’s word.

    It has proved to engage me in study of things in God’s word I might otherwise have missed for lack of personal recognition of my own need to be instructed upon from the Word.

    Caring for them and wanting their lives to avoid such deceits that I had fallen for not having been raised with knowledge of the biblical truth …the Lord addressed two ‘birds with one stone’ so to speak …Home education …’educated ‘ both me and my children and we are forever bonded to the Lord as well as one another.


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