Walter Martin vs Van Hale debate: “Is Mormonism Christian?”




Christian apologist Walter Martin takes on Mormon apologist Van Hale in a debate entitled Is Mormonism Christian? It is another fine job by Walter Martin in defending the faith from those who would seek to pervert it.

Years after this debate, Van Hale publicly announced (in 2005) that he cannot accept the Book of Mormon as real history about real people (see here). I’m not sure if his debate with Dr. Martin helped bring him to that point, but it is an interesting piece of history.

You can download all three parts of this debate here:

Is Mormonism Christian? (Part One)

Is Mormonism Christian? (Part Two)

Is Mormonism Christian? (Part Three)


Check out another great debate between Walter Martin and anti-theist Madalyn Murray O’Hair here.

3 thoughts on “Walter Martin vs Van Hale debate: “Is Mormonism Christian?”

  1. Romney doesn’t think he’s a god – he thinks he can BECOME one. But I would ask, who is worse as a president: A marxist or a Mormon. Both are unbelievers, so you are voting for an unbeliever in either case.


  2. Van Hale believes in the LDS church and it’s prophets. As far as we know he hasn’t changed at all. Be believes that the Book of Mormon is from God and of divine origin. Just in case people were wondering.


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