BACON . . . the new TULIP.

We often hear how the church has been feminized and thus, we are told that this is partially the reason why men simply won’t darken the doors of church.

Well, a flower depicting the Doctrines of Grace will no longer do. We need something more manly. Something like . . . bacon!

27 thoughts on “BACON . . . the new TULIP.

  1. I really believe that this is not the tone that I have been used to at this blog. I am thinking it is something of a frovilous post, and is not up to the normal quality of this blog. I saw it on facebook, and it was in my opinion a joke. Especially since bacon has been given a black mark in the nutritional and health clinics and medical circles. It is not appropriate for this serious blog.


  2. William – lighten up! Christians can have fun and this is funny and true.

    vegan dude – read up! Animals were given to mankind for food and clothing and shelter. Jesus ate fish – told Peter to not refuse as unclean what He called clean (human or animal – spiritual or food).

    vegan dude – a little Truth, maybe?


  3. Umh……..urrrrr………ehh………..ahhh…..
    Just don’t know what to say ’bout this type of goins on at DefCon………..
    Send it over to A Little Leaven.


  4. “Too bad if Christ stands for animal slaughter.”

    Vega dude – I read your one blog post, pretty shameful. Where do you get your sense or morality that it is wrong to harm animals? Also, you were talk about religion causing strife on your blog so you reject it. Why then did you come here to cause strife with your snarky comments? Perhaps the word hypocrite is not in the mason dictionary. Take the good person test sometime.



  5. wbmoore says: “Finally! Theology I can sink my teeth into!”–LOL you’re funny thanks for the cute sense of humor… You remind me of one of my brothers with such humor..


  6. What troubles me most about the bacon depicted above is the fact that when I am done cooking five strips of bacon for breakfast it never looks like that?

    Am I lost?


  7. Thinking about this. Calvinist doctrine is bacon. Bacon comes from a pig. Pigs were unclean under the Law. The Law is good.

    I’m not exactly sure how to process this any further…. 🙂


  8. Jon – “The Law” is not a flat, single focus document. Moral Law is good and timeless – summed up in the Ten Commandments and Christ’s teaching on the first and second great commandments. Civil law was for the theocracy of Israel as a nation and not applicable to us – as that country is no more. Ceremonial law was for the theocracy of Israel as God’s people, to show them that sin must be paid for and that animal sacrifices were not going to satisfy God; the promised Messiah would be the only satisfactory sacrifice. The laws about clean food fell under the ceremonial laws, as a way of marking off the Jews and God’s people. Christ’s blood does that in the New Covenant. Enjoy the bacon.


  9. For those who may have been offended in this, rest assured Pilgrim was not poking fun or frivolity at the truths of Scripture. Nor advocating what is unholy. Quite the contrary, it is a satirical reference to the ridiculousness of the unholy Emergent mindset. The Emerging Church today is continually reconstructing Christianity to be what they want it to be, and has imagined a “jesus” that they want, which is more worldly, macho, street-fighter, hard partyer, etc. So anything short of that is, for them, “limp wristed”, weak, and feminine. Therefore the Calvinist T.U.L.I.P., being a flower reference, is just too feminine for their chosen paradigm.


  10. Ha… This is my kind of theology. The people hating on this are just tipping their hand in regard to their idols… “proper” behavior (pride), goofy environmental romanticism, etc.

    Reblogged this on USS Gloria.


  11. It always amazes me when I post something how I’ll get scolded for it in new and unexpected ways. I honestly didn’t expect it with this post, but I got it anyway.

    Thank you, RS, for keenly stating what others seemed to have missed. Also, in regards to this post being out of character for DefCon, may I draw your attention to one of our categories devoted to posts on humor?

    Certainly it’s not one of our most dominating categories, but it is there none the less, and has been for several years with our first post on humor dating back to August of 2007.


  12. Vegan Dude
    “Too bad if Christ stands for animal slaughter.”

    It is sad to see how people who are professing to be Christian, can so easily fall for all the humanistic and New Age BS. If you read your Bible, the Word of God, you will find that man and animal were created Vegan, but that, when Noah came out of the ark, God said to Him, “Now I give you all the animals to eat as I gave you all the trees and grass to eat.” I act out my Christianity in the fact that I am kind towards animals and care for them. But they were given to us as food, from God. If they were given to us as food, they have to die some or other way, or would you rather that I start cutting and preparing them while they are still alive, because that would seem quite cruel to me. If you are into this New Age tree hugging nonsense, then do not speak of yourself as Christian. But if you are Christian, then get rid of this New Age nonsense in your life.
    I thought that the BACON acronym in stead of the TULIP acronym was quite humorous, I enjoyed it as much as I enjoy bacon or reformed theology lol.

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