Roman Catholic cardinal claims Adam and Eve were a mythology.

Below is the article from The Australian:

AUSTRALIA’S Cardinal George Pell has described the biblical story of Adam and Eve as a sophisticated myth used to explain evil and suffering rather than a scientific truth.

Cardinal Pell last night appeared on the ABC’s Q&A program, where he was debating British evolutionary biologist and atheist Richard Dawkins.

Cardinal Pell said humans “probably” evolved from Neanderthals but it was impossible to say exactly when there was a first human. “But we have to say if there are humans, there must have been a first one,” he said.

According to Genesis, God created Adam and Eve as the first man and woman.

Asked by journalist Tony Jones if he believed in the existence of an actual Garden of Eden with an Adam and Eve, Cardinal Pell said it was not a matter of science but rather a beautiful mythological account.

“It’s a very sophisticated mythology to try to explain the evil and the suffering in the world,” he said.

“It’s certainly not a scientific truth. And it’s a religious story told for religious purposes.”

Cardinal Pell argued that the “great atheist movements” of Hitler and Stalin were the personification of social Darwinism.

“It’s the struggle for survival, the strong take what they can, and the weak give what they must and there’s nothing to restrain them.” he said. “And we’ve seen that in the two great atheist movements of the last century.”

Professor Dawkins, author of The God Delusion, rejected the notion as “ridiculous”.

He said Stalin was an atheist and Hitler was not, and they each perpetrated their acts for different reasons.

Towards the end of the debate, the head of the Catholic Church in Australia appeared to lament his struggle to promote Christ.

“My life would be much easier if I didn’t have to go into bat for . . . Christian principles,” he said.

Cardinal Pell then mused that he sometimes wondered if he should regret his life’s work, before asserting: “No, no.”

9 thoughts on “Roman Catholic cardinal claims Adam and Eve were a mythology.

  1. Once a person departs – or never has been on – the Narrow Path, there is no telling how far down the rat hole he may go. The synagogue of Satan known as the Roman Catholic Church has not the Truth and knows not the Truth.


  2. Only Spirit filled people understand Scripture. Those who do not are described as “blind leading the blind.” Don’t think it unusual for this type of declaration to be made. Natural man cannot understand heavenly things, so to him they are foolishness.


  3. I’d be shocked if I heard a RC clergyman say that they believed in the account of Adam and Eve.
    Funnily enough , I had a well known evangelist [in Australia] remark to me that he had met George Pell on several occassions during his evangelical crusades , and that George Pell was the ” real deal” . Now I’m left wondering about the evangelical evangelist.


  4. Wow, if that article does not disturb a Bible believer, I don’t know what else will…for the guy to say that he wonders if his life was worth it…what he needs though is the gospel.


  5. Isn’t God’s word so amazing. It even said people would turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths–2 Timothy 4:4.

    Jesus validated that Adam and Eve were real historical people. He even referred back to Adam and Eve in Matthew 19:4-5. If Adam and Eve evolved then why did Jesus say that in the beginning the CREATOR made them male and female”…


  6. I am an Australian that often watches Q&A. For it to be billed as a Christian vs an Atheist was wrong since Pell obviously does not believe the Bible and was a poor choice to debate Dawkins.


  7. I’m an aussie, and saw the show. Pell didn’t have a clue. They should have invited (Anglican)archbishop peter jensen. The sydney anglicans are one of the few outposts of anglicanism that still holds to biblical theology and still isn’t a liberal hotbed. Jensen can hold his own in a pleasant and strong manner.


  8. I genuinely don’t know how you get to the clear doctrine of original sin and total depravity without a literal Adam and Eve. Life’s a whole lot simpler when you just take the bible at its word and don’t suppose you know more than God.


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