The Fall of the United States of Rome. (Repost)

Martin Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981) offers a sobering warning from the grave:

“If the West goes down and is defeated, it will be for one reason only: internal rot. . . . If we continue to spend our lives in jollification, doing less and less work, demanding more and more money, more and more pleasure and so-called happiness, more and more indulgence of the lusts of the flesh, with a refusal to accept our responsibilities, there is but one inevitable result—complete and abject failure. Why did the Goths and Vandals and other barbarians conquer the ancient Roman Empire? Was it by superior military power? Of course not! Historians know that there is only one answer: the fall of Rome came because of the spirit of indulgence that had invaded the Roman world—the games, the pleasures, the baths. The moral rot that had entered into the heart of the Roman Empire was the cause of Rome’s ‘decline and fall.’ It was not superior power from the outside, but internal rot that was Rome’s ruination. And the really alarming fact today is that we are witnessing a similar declension in this and most other Western countries. This slackness, this indiscipline, the whole outlook and spirit is characteristic of a period of decadence. The pleasure mania, the sports mania, the drink and drug mania have gripped the masses.”

28 thoughts on “The Fall of the United States of Rome. (Repost)

  1. Yes, very true words and sadly, history has a VERY bad habit of repeating itself. We will not need hordes of foreign soldiers to bring us to our knees when our time of judgment comes. We will collapse from within.


  2. I read these words many years ago and thought they might somewhat – parallel ML-J’s words concerning this post. Credit has been given to Alexander Tytler for this writing describing the decline of “a” nation!

    “From bondage to spiritual faith;
    From spiritual faith to great courage;
    From courage to liberty;
    From liberty to abundance;
    From abundance to complacency;
    From complacency to apathy;
    From apathy to dependence;
    From dependence back into bondage.”

    Looks like history really may repeat itself!


  3. It starts with the “money changers.” It always has been their goal to usurp the power to make the currency from the government, and create a drain of the money through usary and fractional reserve banking, ie change the money from asset based to debt base then make credit easy till all are sucked in. Next They demand payment of the usary (think interest on the debt) and principle the amount originally borrowed plus the additional borrowing to cover prior interest, finally tighten credit even as they pretend to loosen it, and bankrupcy occurs…and they confiscate the asset, even to rent it back to you forever.
    An example would be our Federal debt. If Congress hadn’t sold their birthright to coin the currency, they could still be coining it for free instead of the illegal central bank called the Federal Reserve. The FED is a private corporation you will never find listed under government phone listings, yet will find them listed like all other corporations in the book. They now make the money out of thin air and lend it to the government at usary (debt interest) they also do the same to the regional banks who also pay usary, but for the privelege get to also make money under the fractional reserve system to loan it to you. They never lend the reserves, just new debt!
    And you thought they lent your CD money out didn’t you? That only happens in thrifts and credit unions, who can’t make money out of thin air. Oh and for every dollar the bank holds in reserve? They make about 6 times that amount in new money out of thin air. Now you know why governments NEVER balance the budget and pay off the debt! The last president to do that was named Andrew Jackson. This also sheds a little light on why your elders are from the 3 “B’s” that is BANKERS, BUILDERS, and BUSINESSMEN…
    I won’t get in to the Dakota exception here.


  4. Kovacevich talks about the Fed requiring banks to take bailout funds. The Fed and the government needed this money to be loaned out to increase the money supply. By giving member banks more money, the Fed wanted them to loan it out to the public, which would create even more money. Kovacevich says the regulators simply failed to do their jobs – no new regulations were needed. TARP was simply a coverup for regulators’ corruption and negligence. Financiers profited tremendously from the market collapse, a collapse that they knew was coming because they saw the enormous leverage and risk lenders were taking.

    More proof that what happened in 2008 and again real soon are manufactured to seize assets…Your assets!


  5. Jesaja the difference is that the U.S. dollar is the world’s reserve currency. Everything in international trade is priced in the US dollar. Particularly oil. When it is replaced the USA will be like every other currency, except the New World Order replacement currency which will dominate. Whether it be several regional reserve currencies, a spin off of the IMF strategic drawing rights, or the Chinese Yuan aka Riminbi we don’t know yet, but who controls the currency controls the world’s hegemony. The “SWIFT” system that overrides all international financial transactions is controlled by the west, who appears to be moving things to the east. Back in 2007 I posted that at the end of this change we would be more Amish (lifestyle) with a French accent (socialism/communism). Even the “churches” are morphing into “collectives” and a social (ist) gospel. Those who are placing their faith in these churches preachers and end time eschatology that either whisks us away before it gets bad, or the we rise up and take dominion (the same message as socialism for those who can understand it) are sadly mistaken…because they refuse to allow the Holy Spirit to disciple them in the Word of God.
    Change is the buzzword today and change is what is happening! This great falling away that is, “Happening everywhere else but not in my church” theology.

    Pilgrim you will LOVE this one from the folks at EVG (This is in no way a plug for them, nor an endorsement by me.)

    “You wouldn’t expect a prominent US politician and former Presidential candidate to get dual citizenship. Yet that’s exactly what Rep. Michelle Bachmann did.
    Along with her husband and three youngest children, Michelle applied for Swiss citizenship. It was granted March 19 of this year. And even though she’s changed her mind after the news caused a ruckus, it still makes you wonder…Does She Know Something We Don’t?
    She might. Twice Rep. Bachmann has been in a position to hear classified information about the future of America. The first insider position was as a tax lawyer for the IRS, where she certainly still has many contacts. And second is her seat on the House Intelligence Committee where she gets classified reports from the CIA, the National Security Agency, the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security and many more. Both of those positions could allow her to know worrisome facts about the future of America.”

    Naw, never mind, nothing to see here…


  6. I blame every Demoncat and most Republicrats for the last 50 years. Remember the old adage that “the people get the government they deserve?” Says an awful lot about the people, huh?



  7. MLJ is on the money here, as usual. Western society is heading down the tubes. We have had a period of earthly material blessing, but we are greatly cursed in our idolatry, faithlessness, self-sufficiency, and debauchery. Praise God our kingdom is not here on earth. We in America may very well in our lifetime experience the pain, suffering and persecution of other societies through history. The question is whether or not we have the faith to stand in the face of suffering, or cower under our faithlessness.


  8. I blame the “christians” and their “pastors” who have whored with Babylon. Now in that broad brush I had to include me in my “christian” past, till I cried out to God for His Truth, and my committment to conform myself to His Truth, and allow His Word as revealed by the Holy Spirit to transform me.
    “In the year king Uzziah died I saw the Lord high and lifted up…” ” …I cried woe is me, a man of unclean lips among a people of unclean lips…”
    When you get a clear picture of Who He is you can also see yourself for who you are/who I am.
    It was then that I understood Paul’s counting everything I had learned/all my past as DUNG! It was also then I was transformed from a flesh man who followed Him for what He might do, and following preachers who preach a jesus who wants to do for you, to a disciple who follows Him for Who He IS!!!…And that regardless of the cost. Then I was blinded to Truth, now I see clearly and can judge accuratly by the Holy Spirit, yet be judged inaccuratly by those in the flesh. (1Cor. 2:15-16) Not that I don’t occasionally stumble… “Come out of her!!! Rev. 18.


  9. Mickey said-“When you get a clear picture of Who He is you can also see yourself for who you are/who I am.”—

    Exactly brother we take the log out of our own eye FIRST and we are sooooo humbled before Jesus Christ.. That doesn’t happen(we could not have SEEN this— UNLESS the LORD examines us and he will not examine the wicked but only his Children—–Psa 11:5 “The LORD examines the righteous, but the wicked and those who love violence his soul hates.” \O/

    Thank you for you encouraging words Mickey–you have such a beautiful heart in your writings that reflect the Lord Jesus Christ and give HIM all the glory and honor.

    now I’m gonna watch that video

    I’m pretty ignorant with this kind of language but I think the dollar will crash contrary to what he said. He basically stated that other countries are worse than us and their currency has not crashed.

    Also, I was thinking one day about how each month they say well we are up with our spending for the month. BUT the serious problem is THIS. Everything is UP in PRICE and it gives us a false report since it makes it seem as though employment is better. We are worse now than ever with more people than ever unemployed. So if the monthly numbers are up that doesn’t tell us the truth.All that does is give us a false reading. It’s ONLY because we are having to spend more money with less Americans working …

    Sorry if I’m not very clear


  10. I agree with you about the dollar Linda, as this is about destroying the soverignty of nations, and the faith in their currencies. I expect a 50% devaluation of the currency at some point. Now, that being said, there is a lot more debt to be bought by the Fed first. Their ability to electronically print money/debt has quite a ways to go yet. This could last a year or three, yet the real pin in the grenade is the global toxic derivatives of 1.5 quadrillion which they can pull at any time, and if it isn’t, “Babylon the Great has fallen, has fallen!” It will be the closest thing to it the world has ever seen.
    By the way, thanks for your kind words as well.


  11. Oh no! What am I going to do without my nest egg, without my abundance of leisure time, without my yearly vacations, my recreation vehicles, that swimming pool I was planning for the back yard…Truth is, America has been CURSED with abundance and luxury, not blessed with it. It has fed the flesh of the unregenerate (and corrupted the church) to the point of so grotesquely bloating them, that they can no longer stand under the weight of themselves (so to speak). Then they spread that lifestyle to much of the rest of the world. We can commiserate and lament the loss of the great American dream lifestyles we have known all our lives, or we can see this as a tremendous opportunity to show a frightened world spinning out of control that the Christian alone has a solid, secure confidence that the unregenerate cannot hope to have by any means they can acquire. And the Christian has that, not in any hidden stash of gold or silver, but in the full confidence that he/she is being cared for by the Creator Himself, personally, no matter WHAT happens to the economies of the world, country, or state they live in.


  12. $1,500,000,000,000,000.00!!! Divide that by 6.7 Billion humans, equals?!?!
    A lot more then anyone I know can pony up for their equal share of the global debt. That is the poison of the money changers and compound interest as debt…The thing that amazed Einstein the most!
    (Is it about 22 million?) Where’s Manfred when you need him?! LOL


  13. From:
    Rome Burned, Will We?

    “This loss of interest in civic duty and its replacement with an obsession for entertainment and folly is routinely cited by scholars as one of the primary reasons behind the collapse of Rome.
    As Kyle Trottier writes, ‘In many modern books written about Ancient Rome and her people, the ancient Romans are often portrayed as people who enjoyed violence and thought it amusing to see people being injured and killed to the point of obsession. It is now common knowledge that, in Ancient Rome, people often attended (and enjoyed) gladiatorial fights to the death, wild beast hunts, naval battles and chariot racing. Some public thinkers today have suggested that “entertainment” today, as it was in ancient times of Rome, reflects the decline of culture, into a plethora of lust, greed, violence, selfish individualism and bad behavior. Some Scholars suggest that history is repeating itself and we are now in a reoccurring cycle of moral decay and social breakdown. From the excessive amount of glorified violence in Hollywood movies, video games, music and on the internet, one can easily see the downward spiral of decency.'”


  14. “IF…My people,… that is… “those who call themselves by My name,” would humble themselves (repenting) and turn from THEIR WICKED WAYS…”
    This isn’t about fixing America so we can go back to the 90’s and all the “christian hedonism” in His name, yet that is how churchianity views this scripture! I know of “pastors” of large “churches” that put on fantasy football leagues and gather with the youth, their own son being the soon to be divorced newlywed youth pastor, to watch cage fighting!!
    I’m telling you the problem goes way back to the ministers becoming “preachers” such that nobody else preaches the Good News any longer today. Rather these who were and are to be “elders” that train the saints to go out and accurately preach the Word are now taught to invite the world IN to the gathering of the saints and hear the preacher!!! This is the fulfillment of the tares being sown in with the wheat, which is a satanic work. Religious folk now invite the lost to church (a building now not a gathering of the called out saints/Ekklesia) and they are no longer trained to be priests that bring fallen man to the Living God but ushers to a “best life now” production/motivational speaker/guru. Yet most who read this will think their “church” {a 501(c)(3) corporation, with a babylonian hierarchy} is fine and I and anyone else who points this ungodly system out are just confused, bitter, struggling, lost individuals…
    Soon enough they shall see how quickly a house built of cards can fall!


  15. Oh, and Pilgrim, we forgot to mention all of the Federal Agencies like NOAA and the Social Security Admin. looking to purchase hundreds of thousands of rounds of hollow point ammunition!


  16. “I know of “pastors” of large “churches” that put on fantasy football leagues”

    Not as fun as the fantasy religious leagues they coach on Sunday mornings.


  17. Moral bankruptcy inevitably leads to fiscal bankruptcy. I laugh at the short sighted souls who proclaim that they are fiscal conservatives but social liberals.
    There is a third similarity between Rome and America. It is the reason that our founders made it unconstitutional to elect foreign born people to the executive office. It is the reason loyal Americans shut off the immigration spigot for 40 years. A.sudden massive influx of immigrants negates the principal of E PLURABUS UNIM. Without a common faith, language and culture we will fragment and disintegrate.
    Look what happens to a church that floods itself with goats and wolves in sheep’s clothing.
    (Will American Christians ever correctly exegete, ” If my people called by my Name will humble themselves…….” aaarrggghhh )


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