Responsibility of Elders

My church held a conference on church membership last fall. We had several well known speakers, Captureincluding Michael Horton, our own Voddie Baucham, Ken Jones, and Thabiti Anyabwile from Grand Cayman.

Here is Thabiti’s most excellent message on the responsibilities of those who serve the local church as elders: Responsiblity of elders

8 thoughts on “Responsibility of Elders

  1. If it gets any better than this I haven’t heard it! Although directed toward church Elders, I feel this is a must listen for anyone, in any fellowship that’s part of leadership at any level!
    Our church is now working toward being Elder led and prayerfully this will come to pass in the near future!


  2. Amen, Rev. In the churches I’ve been before coming to Grace family Baptist Church, the so-called pastors hold up Moses and the men Jethro brought to him as the model. This was the first time I’ve heard Old Testament Scripture used rightly to describe the responsibilities of Christian elders. To God be the glory!


  3. Manfred:
    Had a chance to share this message with one of the pastors in my church and it absolutely floored him. Hopefully the Lord will use this teaching to influence the direction of our leadership!


  4. Rev Limiter: Thanks for this encouraging memo! I will let my pastors know and pray our God does indeed press upon your elders His message for how they are supposed to care for His people.


  5. Fiona – You can download the video to your PC if you wish. We are not producing DVDs of the conference. Let me know if you want to do that but do not know how – I can help ya with that.


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