The Road to Emmaus

The biblical passage in Luke 24 known as the Road to Emmaus is – like many passages – twisted and misused, Emmaussometimes innocently, many times intentionally. There is a mystical three-day retreat called The Walk to Emmaus (also known as Chrysalis) that was modeled after the Roman Catholic retreat known as Cursillo, which started in Spain in 1949. These two retreats are like identical twins – not the same, but very much alike. And both are embraced by a wide range of churches – including Methodist, Episcopalian, Lutherans, Presbyterian, and Baptist.

You can read about The Walk to Emmaus here: Their FAQ are most informative, and all copyrighted. Here’s another web site where a Baptist who attended one of these retreats discusses the event and explains why evangelicals should not participate.

All that background to bring your this – a wonderful sermon from the text of Luke 24:13-35, wherein we are reminded that the Lord opens eyes to see truth, that seeing is not believing, and that those who are given sight and hearing will respond to the Savior. Pull up your chair and give a listen – you will be glad you did.

2 thoughts on “The Road to Emmaus

  1. Ah the Rooster Cult…That is what I call it any ways. But their “roosterware” is quite pretty isn’t it!? Have been asked many times by folks over the years to attend one of these, but the Lord had put a solid check in my spirit from day one to stay clear. “I have made you alive from above, you need not any more than what I have provided you.” How’s that for experiencing His presence! In Him we live and move and have our being. No need to practice what He has already created in us…

    The article by the Baptist preacher was informative…Till he went all Baptist mystical with his suggestion to copy the weekend complete with Blackaby’s “Experiencing God.
    seems he has a good head knowledge but lacks the heart knowledge to serve fully as an undershepherd who can serve the Lord’s sheep in his care and provide the relational atmosphere that living stones formed and fitted together by our Lord and the living body with proper joints manifests through the Holy Spirit. It’s that laity clergy divide thing you know…

    Good post though, and timely as the romish highway is making great inroads into all of churchianity at a very rapid rate. Thanks for the warning brother!


  2. I agree with you, Mickey. Too many Baptists have been misled by Blackaby – who is no better than those from Cursillo.

    We are complete in Christ and His Spirit gives us understanding of His Word – not some emotive gathering in the name of sloppy agape.


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