Two Signs of a Charlatan

I wasn’t going to post these here, but Mark’s recent Fortune Cookie Sermons post made me do it.

Lakewood Church co-pastor Joel Osteen testifies  Friday, Aug. 8, 2008, in the Harris County Civil Courthouse in Houston as the lawsuit of Continental Airlines flight attendant Sharon Brown, accusing his wife, Victoria Osteen, of assault  continues. (AP Photo/ Steve Ueckert / Chronicle )


5 thoughts on “Two Signs of a Charlatan

  1. My friend, U have much charm. I like U. Sad to say, ones so called ministry with a donation request implied or stated added to to ear tickler expressions designed to flatter or charm an audience , are no credit to the truth of the bible or its author , Jehovah. Life is free and acquiring I to the new order is also free. Some evangelizers sport a comfy lifestyle while they don money’s from a gullible public. We as all preachers must imitate our great shepherd ( teacher/rabbi), The Messinic representative of our Grand Creator. We R now at the threshold of momentous divine expressions that will herald the destruction of of that mother of harlots, Babylon the great, the great queen of the world’s false religions that compromise/defy the truth of the one true God., while cuddling with the unruly political systems of the world that will eventually crush her forever. Enjoy.


  2. Ancient Israel enjoyed unfettered Divine blessings with the expectation /requirement to become a kingdom of priests and. Holy nation to the Almighty. That was a tough call that Israel flunked culminating in the murder of the Christ by Rome at the behest of Ancient Israel. Today the call to become a kingdom og priests and a holy nation has been extended to Jews and Gentiles alike. This call/ladder to holiness is high and steep, very difficult to climb/conquer. The Christ will bolster us when we climb the first rung. Help is ready When we do not step on the first rung. no help will be possible.. Remember, a kingdom of priests is in the making.


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