When worship is no longer worship.

10 thoughts on “When worship is no longer worship.

  1. Concerning Tozer, from his book ‘the knowledge of the Holy’ –
    “Another real problem created by the doctrine of the divine sovereignty has to do with the will of man. If God rules His universe by His sovereign decrees, how is it possible for man to exercise free choice? And if he can not exercise freedom of choice, how can he be held responsible for his conduct? Is he not a mere puppet whose actions are determined by a behind-the-scenes God who pulls the strings as it pleases Him?”
    This is largely the same sort of response of, say, Norman Geisler or Dave Hunt – source – https://www.scribd.com/doc/195427474/The-Unbiblical-Mysticism-of-A-W-Tozer


  2. When it comes to free will it is important to understand the definition and difference of libertarian free will and compatiblist free will.
    Sinning is incompatible with Gods Holy nature, therefore God cannot sin.
    Therefore there are things that God cannot will Himself to do.
    Is the creature greater than the creator?
    Can anyone will himself to be a capital “A” Apostle? Can anyone will themselves to be equal with God? There are just as many things that we cannot do as things we can do.
    Therefore choosing is secondary to the limitations of our nature. as with Man so also with God.
    No one seeks after me no not one.
    The human heart is wicked and deceitful above all else.
    Those statements are compatible with our fallen nature. or are these lies?
    Now please refute Jesus if you can. John 6: 37-39, 44, 65
    We do not decide for God what is fair and just. Rom. 9: 14-24 explains this quite well.
    But if I was to see myself as qualified to judge God I would also be an ardent anti-Calvinist. By the way it is more accurate to name it after Augustan anyway.

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  3. Rats. I was going to write about modern worship, which is a misnomer.
    Nobody applauds the pastors sermons neither should anyone applaud the music.
    that is the readers digest version

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