God Saves Bad People

Are you bad? Are you wicked? Do you think you are beyond God’s reach?

Nonsense! No one is beyond God’s loving arms. Cry out to Him and beg for mercy and He promises He will save you! Cry out to God because God’s love is greater than your sin.

4 thoughts on “God Saves Bad People

  1. Yes, this is so true for I know that He has saved me. Apart from the amazing grace of God, I would still be lost and headed for hell. Too many think that God saves them because they bring something to God and makes Him better in some inexplicable way.

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  2. I am constantly reminded of what I brought to the cross. Was it my talent? Good looks? Amazing potential? I was a dead corpse lying in the grave of sin and condemnation and it took God’s grace and love to save ME! I brought nothing but sin, sin, and more sin.


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