Sermon of the week: “God Saves Bad People” by Art Azurdia.

bottomleft Your Thursday sermon of the week is God Saves Bad People by Art Azurdia. This is a great message on Rahab and this sermon has even been made into a sermon jam that’s been featured on DefCon.

Those of you unfamiliar with Art Azurdia will find him a refreshing voice in a wilderness of Osteens, Nobles, Driscolls, and Warrens.

Sermon of the week: “The Glory of the Gospel” by Art Azurdia.

bottomleft Your Wednesday sermon of the week is another must-hear. The Glory of the Gospel by Art Azurdia needs to be heard by everyone that shares the gospel (that should be all of us) and especially preachers and pastors. Thanks to The Atlantic Baptist for alerting me to this message.

God ONLY Saves Bad People!

In this brief video from Truth Crossing, Art Azurdia shares the truth of God’s Word.  All men are created equal, but that equality is found in man’s total depravity!  Man is NOT just depraved, but because of our inherited sin nature, he is also totally unable to come to the foot of the cross OR do anything to please the Most High God of Heaven!

Are YOU a bad person??