And now, the “witch goat.”

witch-goat-of-nigeria From the same country plunged into spiritual darkness that brought you the heart-wrenching sad stories of The Witch Children of Africa, now Nigeria has a goat held in custody for car theft.


Because they believe the goat is a man who–by the power of witchcraft–transformed himself into the goat to avoid capture.

Read the news articles here:

World News Australia

The Times of India

Reuters U.K.

Nigeria desperately needs the redeeming true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please pray for this nation and the entire continent of Africa.

Walter Martin debates Wiccans on the Phil Donahue Show.

Here’s a blast from the past. On this episode of the Phil Donahue show Walter Martin debates two Wiccans. Some of the most interesting comments come from audience members and callers who should know better (like the Baptist and the Catholic).

Although I don’t necessarily agree with Dr. Martin’s affirming remark about Charismatics, I must give him a break because the Charismatics of thirty years ago paled in comparison to the circus we have today.

Unfortunately these two video clips only contain parts of this talk show. If anyone knows where to view the entire episode, please let me know.

Part One:

Part Two: