Praying for Rose Marie.

I first met Rose Marie a few years ago. She is a 20-something nun who works a booth at the local fair. Since she travels around selling Rome’s idolatrous wares and trinkets, I hadn’t seen her since that first meeting. However, she was back in town and I saw her yesterday at this year’s fair. When I approached her she immediately recognized me.

Rose Marie, or as I’m sure she prefers to be called, Sister Rose Marie, is still relying on her own efforts to save her from the coming wrath of God.

I only had a chance to chat with her for about a minute or two this time, but I am researching a way to correspond with her like a pen-pal. If this does not materialize, then I’ll have to wait another year to have an opportunity to speak with her.

I ask that the readers of DefCon please keep this precious young lady (who has devoted her life to a dead religion of works in hopes to find favor with God) in your prayers. To read a brief post on my first encounter with Rose Marie from 2007, check out: A conversation with a nun in the most unlikeliest of places.

8 thoughts on “Praying for Rose Marie.

  1. My heart goes out to nuns. If only Christians would dedicate themselves with such absolute loyalty and commitment to God’s word, as nuns have toward their church. If only Christians worked as tirelessly and as unashamedly to preach Jesus, as nuns do to preach Mary.

    Pilgrim, I will pray for Rose Marie. And I will pray that the Lord will grant you a mouth to speak what He would have you speak to her.

    BTW, this should serve as an answer to all those who write in harping on you “for blogging on others rather than reaching out to people in Christ”. I’d like to know how many of those who criticize you, are praying for and reaching out to nuns with the Gospel.


  2. Pilgrim,

    I had the pleasure of meeting Richard Bennett a couple of weeks ago, when my wife and I took our daughter and son-in-law to a church in Austin – trying to connect them with a biblical church. Bennett is a member at Dayspring Fellowship and he has a heart for Roman Catholics that reminds me of the Apostle Paul’s heart for the Jews. Hateful toward the false religions, yet compassionate to the point of tears for the souls.

    There is much good on Bennett’s web site:

    May the Lord be your strength and wisdom.


  3. Dear David W:

    Yes, it is sad how some people come to this blog wielding a very broad brush by which to paint us with, and make all sorts of judgments about us (usually while simultaneously condemning us for judging).

    One of the usual ad hominem attacks we receive here is the erroneous characterization that all we do is burn with anger and spit fire as we bang on a keyboard in our hatred for everyone, while having no concern or love for anyone. It’s easy to create that false character of us, then attack it, acting as if they’re somehow more virtuous than us because they, after all, are more tolerant and accepting of false teachers and false doctrines that lead people to an eternity in the fiery torments of Hell than we are. (I imagine they would not do so well on DefCon’s Are You Loving or Unloving test.)

    Those who come in here and judge us for judging others know not of all the other things we do in our lives (outside of blogging), but that does not matter because it would only get in the way of their sweeping judgments of who we are and what we do.

    One thing their comments actually do, fortunately, is reveal the profound biblical illiteracy that is rampant in the western church, and it reinforces the need for us to keep doing what we do. Here, for example, is one of those kinds of comments we recently received.

    Dear Manfred:
    Berean Beacon has just been added to our links under RC.

    Dear Kay and Ma:

    Thank you. Rose Marie is so committed to her false religion that she is blinded to the glorious truth of the Gospel. Please continue to keep her in prayer.


  4. Manfred,

    I LOVE Richard Bennett’s work, too. He was very helpful to me when we were coming out of the RCC. I was very confused, and his site was a big help:)


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