How to brainwash a nation and a people.

Very interesting video clip, on so many levels; especially when you realize how many Christians have been seduced–thinking “conservative” politicians are somehow the answer to this nation’s dilemmas. We’re headed to one conclusion, regardless of who’s in power . . . one will just get us there faster than the other.

5 thoughts on “How to brainwash a nation and a people.

  1. It’s chilling to see a video like this and actually realize that the US, Canada, the UK are following these steps. You can see the process in action and you can see the fruits of their labours in the lives of anyone under 40 years of age right down to the children.


  2. Thank you Pilgrim, for reminding us that our hope is not in political power.

    Some may be inclined to freak out about this info. Especially those who have only known the relative stability of life in America. One of the things that makes the Church of the living God unique, is that those who truly are of Christ are not bothered by this. Our trust is not in the government to meet our needs, but in our God. We are foreigners, sojourners, pilgrims, strangers here. And as such, it is not our duty as Christians to change laws or governments to make society more “moral” or more “godly”. On the contrary, Scripture says we (Christians) are of God, but the whole world lies under the power of the evil one (Satan) (1Jn.5:19). So as we pray for those in authority, so that we may live quiet and peaceful lives, (1Tim.2:2) our trust is not in men, but in God.


  3. Hey guys, check this trailer for a very interesting documentary looking at the relationship of American evangelicals “Christian Zionism” to the modern State of Israel.


  4. If anyone gets a chance, check out the full 81 minute interview.

    He goes into stuff like how the Beatles were used by the commies to corrupt western society, etc.

    Like some of you have said, this plan is well on it’s way to completion.

    BTW, I believe the whole “fall of the Soviet Union” thing was a sham to deceive the west into dropping their guns.


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