Dear parents . . .

8 thoughts on “Dear parents . . .

  1. How true. Abortion truly makes my heart hurt! I wish those who felt they had no other choice would instead choose adoption…there are so many loving parents and homes who would want these precious children. Unfortunately, the lost people of the world do not see the magnitude and sin of their actions. May our hearts always keep these people in prayer for their souls and future decisions.


  2. Absolutely true! These people would rather save a penguin or eagle or other creature than a baby. Its a baby immediately.


  3. If Mary was pregnant with Jesus today, the abortionists would try to convince her it was against her will, and she should exercise her female reproductive rights and kill the baby, since she probably wouldn’t really be able to love it properly. I imagine they would say that God raped her.

    **Even now innocent blood cries out to Me.**


  4. wow, that is a statement that cuts to the heart…

    If people only knew that we have no rights to our bodies that God owns our bodies. It’s truly the biggest lie of our century.


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